3 Fabulous Fashion Items That Will Help You Make A Statement

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There are times where you have to get dressed to go somewhere, and you know you need to wear your best clothes. I’m talking about these big events where lots of people will be around you and you know there’ll be plenty of eyes on you.


As such, you want to impress everyone and ensure they’re all thinking about what you’re wearing. Today, we’ll take a look at some fashion items you should get your hands on if you really want to make a statement.


designer bag fashion statement
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Designer Hand Bag

Generally speaking, we should all carry around a handbag whenever we go anywhere. For me, a handbag is a staple piece of women’s fashion. It can tie together any look and be a subtle addition to your outfits. However, if you really want to turn heads and make a statement, you need to get yourself a designer handbag. Buy something expensive from a top brand like Prada or Marc Jacobs and everyone will start to notice you more and more. Other women, especially, will be craning their necks to get a good look at your bag. There’s just something about designer bags that elevates a simple handbag accessory into the main focus of your outfit. It’s a real talking point, a fashion statement, and something you can include in many outfits without worrying about overdoing it.


fashion statement - luxury fur coat


Luxury Fur Coat

Fur coats have always been very popular, particular where celebrities are involved. You often see rich and famous people wearing these coats to show off their wealth and make a statement. You’ve got a choice between real fur or the fake stuff, but either type will provide the same overall effect. It’s a statement piece that will get heads turning and make everyone think you’re a big deal. Think about it, when have you ever seen someone in a fur coat and not noticed them? It’s like they’re designed to grab everyone’s attention, and will be a very good fashion item to add to your wardrobe for any fancy events you attend.


fashion statement: designer sunglasses


Designer Sunglasses

Sunglasses are very much a beautiful accessory that can help you pull off a stunning look. There’s always an air of mystery about someone wearing sunglasses, you can’t see their eyes, and it immediately makes them look like a big deal. Then, when you add designer sunglasses into the mix, the effect is heightened. A pair of Ray Bans or other designer shades can catapult you to the celebrity look-alike status. Don’t be surprised if people are squinting as they look at you to try and figure out which famous person you are. Little do they know you’re simply a regular individual with a killer fashion sense. The key is picking some shades that are easily recognizable as designer shades. You want people to know you’re rocking a big brand, it’s what helps you make a statement.


There you have it, three fabulous fashion items that will upgrade your looks and help you turn more heads. Get your hands on any of these items if you want to add something to an already amazing outfit and turn it into a show stopper.



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