3 Things To Do As You Begin The New Year

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It is the first day of a year and you are probably in a hurry to make resolutions or to set your goals, and there is nothing wrong with that. Although you can set a goal any old time or make a resolution in May, studies have shown that most people tend to set goals and make resolutions as they begin the New Year.

Before you do that though, here are 3 things you should do.

1. Look back and evaluate

How did the last year go? What were the areas you felt you could have done better and what areas did you exceed expectations? Where did you stumble and where did you sail? Looking back is not so that you can dwell on the negative or for you to become complacent, on the contrary. Looking back helps you evaluate your strengths and weaknesses so that you know where to focus on in the coming year.

2. Celebrate yourself!

It is sad that we don’t do that often enough. We are usually quick at judging ourselves and pointing out where we fell short, but very rarely do we give ourselves a nod of satisfaction and say, Self, you’ve done good! So go ahead and celebrate your achievements and your victories. Do not dwell on the negative. Make a list if you have to, of everything that went really well for you in 2015.

3. Be grateful

Gratitude is a very important element of success. It is important to have a gratitude attitude if you want to move forward in life. So before you go setting new goals, thank God for the ones you set last year (even if you did not achieve those) and be grateful for what your life is today.

As you begin the New Year, you need to start on the right note, which includes evaluation, celebration and gratitude. Then you can go ahead and set your goals.

Begin the new year



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