30 Days of Prayer for Your Husband Day 13

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Day 13

Ask God to give your husband success and promotion. Pray that God will bless the works of his hand and that he will not work for nothing. Ask God to deliver your husband from near-success syndrome and grant him promotion in his career, business and personal life.


You know that state where a person works hard for something and then comes this close to getting that thing, but then for almost no explainable reason, it doesn’t come through? That is what is known as the near-success syndrome (NSS).

NSS is one of the most devastating things to happen to a person particularly when it is experienced more than once. It has a way of sucking hope from that person and they lose all confidence. Yesterday we prayed for confidence for our husbands and this is a follow-up to that.

Pray that your husband’s business will succeed. Pray that he will not make any disastrous investment, but that all his investments will yield wonderful profit. Pray that he will get promotion in his office. Ask God to remove the obstacles that are blocking your husband’s progress. Tell God that you want to hear good news in relation to this prayer this week. Let that be your sign that the prayers you’ve been praying are not wasted.

Remember that promotion comes only from God.

God please bless my husband. Grant him success and promotion. Help him to look to you for instructions on what to do.





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