30 Days of Praying for Your Husband Day 11

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Day 11

Ask God to give your husband strength. Pray that he will not grow tired of being a husband (and father), but that God will endow him with the strength he needs to face life and overcome.


It’s not easy to be a man. Most men feel a deep seated responsibility for their wives and children. (If your husband lacks this sense of responsibility, add that to your prayers today).

You need to pray that your husband will not grow weary. That he will not become tired. It is easy to become tired; even we as women grow tired sometimes. For some men, the burden becomes so heavy that they check out, literally and figuratively.

Pray that your husband will not check out of your marriage. Pray that he will be present physically, emotionally, psychologically and spiritually…that he will be present in every way that matters.

We are not asking for strength that translates to physical power, but we are asking for strength in his inner being. Strength of mind and of purpose. All strength comes from God; anything that is not from HIM will wear out. When God gives your man strength, there is nothing he will not be able to do.




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