30 Days of Praying for Your Husband Day 14

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Day 14

Ask God to protect your husband. Pray for protection from accidents, sickness, charms…anything that seeks to end his life or destroy his future. Ask God to keep him safe.


This prayer is very important as we round off the second week of prayers. There is no point praying all these prayers and just when you are about to reap the fruit of your labours, something bad happens (God forbid it). So you need to pray that God will keep him safe.

Right now, because of the things some of us are going through in our marriages, it might seem as though you might be better off without him. You don’t want a divorce, but you wouldn’t mind so much if God decided to take him home. But that’s the easy way out. Why don’t you look at it this way?

Imagine a man who loves you passionately. He is God-fearing, a loving father and a good provider. He will fight to defend you any day. Imagine a man you can’t get enough of. Now, imagine that for the rest of your life. Marriage is supposed to be enjoyed. But it takes work and it takes time. And it takes prayer.

So pray that God will keep your husband. Whether you are enjoying that sort of marriage now or every day of your marriage is a struggle, don’t forget that God is working something spectacular for you. God has the heart of every man in his palms and He can change ANYBODY. Hold on to that as you pray.

God can change ANYBODY.

God please keep my husband. Protect him from the evils of this world. As you’re working in him to make him the kind of man you created him to be, don’t let anything cut short his destiny.





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