30 Days Prayer For Your Husband

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Day 5

Ask God for your husband’s eyes. Pray that God will lift whatever scales are blocking his eyes so that he will always see the truth in every situation and that he will see beyond the surface. Pray also that God will give your husband a vision for his life and for your family.


When there is darkness, we stumble around and we can’t see our way. Spiritual blindness is much worse than physical blindness and many times, a man does the things he does because he is spiritually blind. So take the time today to ask God to open his eyes. If his eyes are open, there are places he will not go to; if his eyes are open, he will not keep the company of some people. We live in a wicked world where people deliberately place stumbling blocks on our paths. So ask God to open your husband’s eyes so that he will not stumble around aimlessly.

A man without a vision will lack focus and direction and he will keep going after one project or another with little success. Where there is no vision, destruction follows. So ask God to give your man a special vision for his life and for your family. Every person is put on this world for a purpose. Your family is also here for a purpose. Let God reveal that purpose to your husband (and to you too).

Help my husband not to live his life in vain, chasing after the wind. Give him a vision, God.




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