4 Tips For Improving Your Summer Style

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Aside from the rising temperatures and spontaneous weekend trips, summer brings on an irresistible urge to shop. If you’re still trying to recycle and reframe items from your spring wardrobe, then refreshing your wardrobe for the summer is long overdue! Before you rush into the mall holding your credit card out, read these four tips for improving your summer style.


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Buy Your Shoes a Half-Size (or Full-Size) Larger Than Usual

It’s not the nicest thing to think about, but our feet swell this season, which can cramp your summer style. There’s no getting around this fact! This is why it’s important to buy your shoes a little larger than you would in winter when you’re shopping around at this time of year. Natural materials, such as leather, suede, canvas and so on are certain to stretch, so going up by half a size should generally be fine. If you’re leaning towards inexpensive and trendy shoes made from plastic, faux leather, or any other kind of synthetic material, be sure to go a full size up instead. This will keep your feet looking great and feeling comfortable all summer!


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Choose your Fabrics Wisely

We love fast fashion as much as the next gal, but a lot of merch you’ll pick up at high-street stores are made from polymer blends that just aren’t breathable. This means they’ll hold onto nasty sweat stains, and doom you to a very uncomfortable summer! Not good for your summer style. To make sure you’re staying cool on hot days, it’s better to look for materials like cotton. Supima and Pima are the best options, but any cotton will do. Because cotton fibers are hollow in the middle, they’re able to absorb and release perspiration much more quickly than poly-blends. Linen is an even better option for summer clothes – it’s significantly stronger than cotton, and conducts heat better, making it the most breathable fabric out there.


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Take Your Time Picking Shades

There are only two accessories you need to worry about in the summer – shades and hats. While a lot of women can spend a whole day picking out the perfect hat, a lot of us tend to throw on any old shades when summer comes around. This is an accessory that keeps on giving, so this year, go looking for some designer brands. As long as they give a good contrast to the shape of your face, and have a color that you can combine with the rest of your summer wear, you’ll get years of use out of them!


Reinvent Some Clothes

If you’re on the fence about getting rid of some of your older summer items, then consider going to a local tailor and getting some of them reinvented. A good tailor can transform garments for a reasonable rate, turning your tired old clothes into something completely different. Got a floor-scraping skirt from spring? Have it turned into a cute mini. Got a long blazer that’s too hot for summer? Have it cropped into a smaller jacket you can wear comfortably over your favorite summer dress.



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