4 Ways to Eat Corn This Season

It’s been corn season in Nigeria for quite some time now. Everywhere you turn, you see food merchants selling boiled/roasted corn and pear. Around these merchants are interested corn foodies trying to bargain the price of their favorite summer meal. Though I’m not much of a corn fan,  eating any kind of  food the same way can get a bit old.


From StyleCaster’s 17 Tasty Corn Recipes You Haven’t Tried, we screened and came up with 4 ways to eat corn this season. Just in case you are tired of eating corn the old way and you have a little corn farm in your backyard.


 Chicken and sweet corn soup

You can use canned corn or fresh corns and in 15 minutes, you have this delicious dish. The ingredients for this dish are easily accessible except maybe sesame oil. Get the recipe here


_DSC6216-Edit 1 mykeuken

Image: mykeuken


Mexican corn dip

Secret ingredient? Mayonnaise. Maybe the jalapeno (green chili pepper) will be a little hard to find but I’m guessing you can just take that ingredient out and make regular ol’ corn dip (if there’s anything like that). After all, there are no iron clad rules to cooking. Get the recipe here



Image: Damndelicious


Avocado, tomato and corn salad

According to the chef of this meal, it’s “summer in a salad”. So for the love of summer, try out this salad. Get the recipe here



Image: Bakeyourday


Creamy sweet and spicy corn.

The jalapeno in this dish is responsible for the spiciness. So if you’re not really a fan of spicy food, skip the pepper. This dish is also called the summer corn salad. Get the recipe here


creamy spicy corn salad

Image: cookthestory


If I’ve learned anything from these corn recipes, it’s that corn is the secret to summer. To see the full list of recipes, go here


Which of these recipes will you try?




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