4 Ways to Use Cucumber for Weight Loss

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As women, we are hardly ever satisfied with the way our bodies are. We want to lose some weight, add weight in specific places, we want our skin to be brighter and silkier – we always want something more. These obsessions we have with our physical bodies may sometimes lead us to take extreme actions like deliberate starvation. I have come across not one or two females that will stare longingly at a bowl of food but adamantly refuse to eat because they want to be a size 2.


I’m a bit of a foodie and as such only few things can tear me away from a plate of fries and spicy chicken with a bowl of ice-cream. I just opt for eating a lot of fruits. There are easier and more natural ways to lose weight without starving the body. Fruit and vegetables are a great way to lose weight and as an extra bonus, they keep your skin glowing –  a one stone for two birds kinda thing.


Today, we are talking about using cucumbers to lose weight. Cucumbers are available all the time so if you get hooked on it, you can always get a fix. Here are three ways to use cucumbers for weight loss


Use it in your salad

Salads are a great way to get the much needed amount of vegetables into your body. When eating salad, try adding a little more cucumber and fresh tomatoes into the mix. As a side note, you probably shouldn’t be using mayonnaise or salad cream if you are truly trying to lose some weight.




Juice it

Juicing is truly the best way to get the most out of fruits and vegetables. As cucumbers mostly contain water, it makes it the most ideal for juicing. They are also super easy to juice. Just throw it in a blender or centrifugal juicer and hit the start button.


Glass of cucumber juice, on bamboo mat, on green background


Use it in your sandwich.

Since we are talking health here, you probably shouldn’t use white bread for the sandwich (as they are considered to have little nutrients). Use wheat bread and replace mayo with fresh yogurt. Slice cucumber and spread it around the bread. Voila! Super healthy and tasty sandwich is ready to be digested.




Snack on it.

Eating between meals is responsible for a lot of the weight we gain. Rather than reach for plantain or coconut chips, reach for a bowl of sliced cucumber and snack on it. It’s just as crunchy and way healthier.





Remember that you have to be consistent with any of these methods for it to work. You simply can’t lose weight overnight – it’s not possible no matter how many before and after ads you see. Take the slower but healthier path.


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