5 Amazing Benefits Of Avocado For Skin

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Avocado is our trending fruit and we’ve covered a lot about Avocado. Just the other day, we shared this Avocado Pasta recipe and we plan to share much more recipes featuring this absolutely delicious fruit.




A few facts about Avodaco

Did you know that avocado provides potassium, Vitamin C and antioxidants to the body? But it’s also super rich in folic acid. As a matter of fact, avocado contains more folate per ounce than any other fruit, which makes it a fabulous choice for pregnant women. It is also a great choice for babies once they can handle solid food.


But this post is about Avocado for skin.

Full of healthy fats, vitamins and several minerals, when used on the skin, avocado has moisturizing properties. Also rich in antioxidants, it prevents aging, restoring natural nourishment to your skin. Below are some amazing benefits of avocado for skin.


avocado for skin
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Benefits of Avocado for Skin


Avocado Moisturizes Your Skin

Avocado is filled with natural oils which are really great for moisturising your skin. It conditions the skin leaving it softer and more hydrated. When used as a face mask with some other ingredients, such as lemon, honey or egg whites, you get tighter pores, smoother skin and better hydrated skin than any chemical formula can deliver.


Has Anti-Aging Properties

Avocados are one of the most unique foods for antiaging, mostly because of their high antioxidant levels. When you use avocado on your skin, it reduces the wrinkles and gives you smooth, young-looking skin. Using this powerful fruit regularly as a face mask is a really good idea.


Avocado face mask


UV Protection for Skin

If you are searching for natural sun screen, look no further. And don’t think that because your skin is melanin packed, that it can’t get sun burnt; it can. So it is important to protect the skin from sun damage, which is a cause for so many skin problems, including skin cancer. Avocados have a lot of protein-packed oils which work really well as sun block.


Heals Wounds

When used on a wound, avocado has great healing powers. Rich in Vitamin K, which is important for blood clotting, and Potassium, which helps to form and transfer cells, and Vitamin B6, which helps the immune system to produce antibodies, not to talk about Vitamin C, applying avocado topically on a wound soothes and promotes healing.


Beautiful skin
Beautiful skin


Prevents and Treats Acne

Acne. Just the mention of the word can spark unpleasant memories, particularly if you’ve had to deal with the stuff before. Ther eare many reasons why a person could be struggling with an acne breakout, some are hormonal. The best treatment is to focus on good nutrition. Avocado has many properties that are great for controlling and even preventing acne. It fights bacteria, which is one of the causes of acne, and the healing properties can soothe the breakouts.


Don’t just focus on eating the delicious avocado fruit – although that’s okay too – but try using avodado for skin. The rich pulp and the fleshy part of the peel on your skin will deliver amazing results.


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