5 Signs You’re a Jealous Partner

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It’s quite easy to go from the girlfriend who’s super confident about her relationship to one who is clingy and paranoid. All it takes is that one (or more) slip up from the boyfriend. This paranoia and extreme jealousy can become a slippery slope as nothing kills relationships with great potential faster than jealousy. “OMG who is she and why did she touch your arm for so long” “I saw you look at her yesterday at 4:04 pm you love her don’t you?”


It’s so easy to drag on the unhealthy cigar that is petty jealous and keep going. Your partner might not be cheating but you thinking that he/she is cheating with every breath he draws is surely going to end that relationship.


We all like to think that we are the easy going partner with no trust issues but the truth is many of us are crazy jealous. And just in case you’re not sure, here are 5 signs that you have taken jealousy to a whole new level:


You think everyone is a threat

If you walk in to a room and immediately start scanning for anyone who’s staring at your partner, then there’s a problem. Not everyone who stares at your partner is a threat – maybe they think you look good together, maybe they like his shirt, maybe there’s something on his forehead – so many maybes.


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You also tend to find a problem with all his female friends; they are too dumb, wear too much makeup or just a plain skank. All these because you think they are trying to “steal your man”.


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You know everyone who has commented on his picture

The minute your partner gets a comment from the opposite sex, you’re all over it – you stalk the girl constantly and monitor all her social media activities. To the extent that you even know her friends and cousins’ handle.




You stalk all his friends

Since you can’t ask him outright where he is at all times, you settle for stalking his friends to see if he was actually hanging out with the boys when he said he was. You also hope that one of them will innocently reveal something incriminating about your partner.


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Your friends are too scared to compliment your partner

Do you bite off your friends’ head when they complement your partner and then make warning comments about snatching your significant other? If you do that, you’re going to end up losing both your friends and partner.


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You constantly go through his phone

Honestly that’s just an all-round bad idea. It never ends well. If he has “flirty” conversations with a girl or girls, you get mad. If there are no messages except to you and his buddies, it’s too clean and you think he’s hiding something.


Don’t let jealousy be the reason you ruin a good relationship. You are never going to be the prettiest or smartest person; you just need to trust that you are good enough for him.  If you don’t trust your partner, then you probably shouldn’t be in that relationship.


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