Simple Tips to Take Your Bathroom to 5 Star Spa Levels

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Make Your Bathroom Feel Like A 5 Star Resort

Interior of bathroom

Your bathroom is very important. True, you don’t spend hours on end there (at least we hope you don’t), but you go in there often enough and if you do it right, it could be your oasis when your kids are driving you crazy (or when your in-laws come visiting 😉 ). Lots of moms (and non-moms), steal off to the bathroom for five minutes of peace, so making sure that yours is peaceful, calm and serene, is a really good idea.

If you’re moving into a new house and you have a say on how the bathroom is decorated, then that’s great! Make the most of that and make sure that you factor in tips and tricks to make your bathroom trendy, stylish and serene all at once. However, if you are already in your home, or you are renting, then don’t despair; you can still get your bathroom to look like a 5 Star Spa Resort with a tiny little budget.

Get creative in how you store your towels

If you don’t have your towels in your bathroom, you should store them there. This is a lovely way to give that room some elegance. There are several ways you can store your towels and the most common is to fold them and keep them in a cupboard or a rack. Some people even hang up their towels behind the door or on hooks on the wall. This is all very good, BUT you can make it more stylish and classy by rolling the towels up before you store them.

To store your rolled up towels, try any of the following:

  • – Use a cart
  • – Fold them into small baskets
  • – Use a Wine rack for your towels

Don’t be afraid to be creative when it comes to storing your towels.

ALSO, here are a few tips on storing your towels…

  • – Make sure your towels are good quality
  • – Add a little something to them by sewing on a pretty trimming at the edges
  • – Keep your towels clean
Rolled up towels in baskets

 Frame your mirror

This is a good one. Adding a frame to your bare mirror can immediately amp up the look and give your bathroom a stylish sophistication. You’re probably thinking about going out to buy a frame for the mirror and honestly, there’s no need for that. With a little glass paint you can change the look of your mirror.

Check this post for a tutorial on how to paint your mirror.


Add an indoor plant

Adding a plant in your bathroom is always a good idea. It can sit on the window sill (if there is one inside) or on top of the WC. You could also create a small ledge at a corner of the bathroom for your plant. Just remember to pick one that grows indoors.


Paint your cabinet doors – experiment with warm tones

Painting is usually a quick way to update a look and this is no different with your bathroom. If you have a lot of stuff made from wood, paint them. Get rid of the stark white and experiment with some warm tones, like mahogany, teal, earthen red. If you are installing new tiles, then try a different colour as well. Try as much as possible to stay away from that Landlord induced sickening pale blue.


Use light blinds

Most of us already use blinds instead of curtains and that’s great. To change the look a little, use blinds that have neutral colors like cream, or blinds that are made to look natural like bamboo blinds. Using a light blind immediately brightens up the room and gives it an airy spa-like feel.


Modern Residential Home Bathroom


Add a bowl/tray of lotion etc in your guest bathroom

For most people, a roll of tissue and a hand towel is as far as they go when it comes to their guest bathroom. Some others add magazines and journals. However, adding a tray or bowl filled with essentials such as lotion, powder, perfume and a hair brush, takes your guest bathroom to a whole new level.



Artfully place a bowl of potpourri or a scented candle in your bathroom. A Lavender-based scent for instance, is a good choice as it soothes and calms frayed nerves and gives the feeling of wellbeing. Experiment with other scents until you find what works for you.



Yes, you can have pictures in your bathroom. We’re not talking about expensive paintings or valuable pictures; those could get ruined by the humid air in the bathroom. What you can do is to get a cheap frame, then tear a page you like from an old magazine and stick it into the frame. Voila! You have a nice picture you can hang in your bathroom and if it gets ruined later there’s no harm done since it didn’t really cost you much anyway; besides you could always change it.


If you would like some more tips on organizing your bathroom or budget friendly decorating, visit the sites below:

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So that’s it on today’s 5 Star Home. If there’s any room of the home you would like for us to feature, please leave a comment letting us know.



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