5 Tips you can follow to Relieve Stress and Anxiety

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Want to know how to relieve stress? Most of the people in the world experience stress and anxiety in their daily life, a recent study in the US has declared that more than 75% of the people face various stress factors in different forms daily. High-stress level brings you increase in health problems like heart attack, obesity, diabetes, etc. in humans.


5 Tips to Help You De-Stress


Nothing is impossible in life; it’s easy to reduce this anxiety and stress if you follow some particular step of actions regularly as a daily routine. Here are some simple tips you can follow to keep yourself relaxed in the midst of busy schedules. These will help you relieve stress.


exercise to lose weight and relieve stress




The most effective thing you can do to reduce your stress is performing any workouts or exercises. Putting some physical pressure on your body in the form of workouts and training can keep your mind free and also relieves any mental and physical stress. Research shows that people who exercise regularly are less likely to experience anxiety when compared to the people who don’t.


Exercise helps in lowering your stress hormone like cortisol in the long run and also assist in releasing endorphins which acts as natural painkillers and slowly improves your mood. Workouts help in enhancing your sleeping time, and therefore the chances of stress get down. You can feel the confidence in your body once you start exercising regularly and this also makes you mentally active.


Try out different workouts and exercises that are interesting like dancing, yoga, Zumba, walking, rock climbing, etc.


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Relaxing beauty treatments massages to relieve stress


Take a Massage


Try out any massaging techniques and stick with any best head massager, neck massager, face massager, etc. to relieve out the stress and anxiety altogether. Head massage has more health benefits when added to destress element. Many studies have shown that the head massage acts as an efficient and robust stress reliever.


Get a head and scalp massage after your work so that you will get an in-depth sleep without any disturbance, this also increases the blood circulation to the scalp and prevents dryness and flakiness of the scalp. Apart from that, a head massage can help you in attaining the new hair and nourishes the hair shafts in the existing hair.


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long hair tips - vitamins, supplements, relieve stress


Intaking Supplements


There are many types of supplements available to get rid of these stress and anxiety namely Lemon Balm, which is a mint member and is best for the anti-anxiety effects.


Ashwagandha is one of the herbs used to treat stress; omega -3 fatty acids includes supplements that are capable of reducing the anxiety symptoms, green tea which indulges too much of polyphenol antioxidants helps in providing more health benefits along with stress reduction.


Kava kava, a member of the pepper family which also acts as a sedative in most of the countries to treat stress and anxiety, valerian is one of the sleep aid which includes valerenic acid which helps in reducing anxiety.


Chewing Gum


One of the rapid and efficient stress relievers is the chewing gum; many studies show that people who chew gum more have a greater sense of lowering stress and well being. Chewing gum helps your brain waves to act as in a relaxed people; another important thing is that they increase the blood flow to your brain and reduces the anxiety and stress.


Take a Deep Breath


Your body went to “flight or flight” mode when the mental stress activated the nervous system, the stress hormone gets released during the reaction, and you will experience the stress symptoms, you can feel your heart beating faster and quicker, and simple deep breathing exercises can easily neglect this.


The deep breathing exercises help in activating your sympathetic nervous system; there are more types of breathing exercises namely abdominal breathing, diaphragmatic breathing, paced respiration, belly breathing, etc.


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Other Tips to Relieve Anxiety & Stress


Apart from the above methods, you can add the following tips to get rid of the stress and anxiety quickly.


  • Use any essential oil or burn any scented candles like lavender, vetiver, neroli, sandalwood, etc. will help in reducing the anxiety and stress quickly.
  • Reducing the caffeine intake will be better to stop the stress and anxiety.
  • Writing down what makes you stressful is also one of the active ways to relieve stress out.
  • Spending time with your close ones, friends, colleagues and family members can also provide you a good feel.
  • Stop procrastinating to reduce stress.
  • Hear your favorite soothing music so that you stay relaxed
  • Cuddling, hugging, sex, kissing can also help in relieving out stress.


Bottom Line


Anxiety is something that produces total stress in your body and leaves you in troubles. You will not be able to think clearly when stress forces you, an anxious brain will find difficulties in concentrating and also fail to think logically just like a computer with full memory which tries to run so many program at a single action.


The above actions and tips will help you in keeping your free from the stress and also will cool you down from various problems easily. Go with relaxing music, mindfulness, meditation etc can help you to fall out from the anxiety and stress completely.



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