6 Hurdles to Achieving your Goals

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When we set goals at the beginning of the year, we really believe they are achievable. We even go on to think of step by step methods of getting there, but many times the goals do not materialize by the end of the year. 6 hurdles to achieving your goals, intends to get you aware of some of the things that can stop you and help you to push through.



Too much information or too little can be a hurdle for us. When you read various books, articles and watch YouTube videos on your goal and each person comes from a different angle, then, that can be extremely distracting.

On the other hand, you know nothing about what you plan to achieve but you like the idea of it, that goal will not come to fruition at all.

Answer: a) Do your research on your idea. b) Choose one person to study and stick to that model.


No well laid out plan

For quite a few of us, we lose focus after coming to decision to follow a particular goal. You need to have a well laid out plan from A to Z so you can be sure to achieve it.

Answer: a) Consider what the steps are. b) Put them down in order. c) Follow through.


Lack of funds, time or other resources

We are usually so excited about an idea, but do not really think it through or do the necessary homework before setting out. The questions to consider are: what will this goal bring to you in the long run? How badly do you want to achieve it?

Answer: a) Consider those questions. b)  Do the math. c) Organize your time. d) Think up ways to raise funds.

6 Hurdles to achieving your goals

Your belief system/attitude

You need to get rid of some things and put on a winner’s attitude. Do not devalue or sabotage yourself with your thoughts, or you won’t succeed.

Answer: a)Look for successful people in the area of your idea. b) If possible talk to them and listen carefully. c) Put on the success mindset with positive thoughts and speech. d) Try and look at obstacles as opportunities and setbacks as feedback.


Other People

More often than not, we have people closest to us that will not understand our goals and would try to stop us because change can be a bit scary.

Answer: a) Understand their fears. b) Reassure them on what it means to you. c) Have a support system outside this circle (coach, friend or mentor) for guidance and support till you achieve it.



When I think of fear it is in three ways i) You are no more in your comfort zone. ii) You are afraid of failing. iii) A fear of success.

Answer: a) Draw strength from whatever you believe in. b) Look at success stories before you and take encouragement from there.

It is our great desire that you fulfill your dreams and achieve those goals for 2016!


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Ije Woko

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