6 Things You Can Do Now to Improve Your Self Confidence

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We all have varying levels of self confidence and there are times when even the most confidence of us has some moments where we doubt ourselves. If you are having a confidence crisis, here are 5 things you can do each morning before you step out of your house.

Tell yourself something positive

Sometimes it is as simple as saying (and believing) a positive affirmation. Speaking something out is just a step away from believing it. So stand in front of the mirror and tell yourself how beautiful or confidence or empowered you are.

Dress smartly

Looking good will help you feel good. This is not about dressing to the nines, but more about feeling comfortable and confident that you are looking your best.

Wear a secret feel-good item

This could be a really sexy lingerie or something that makes you feel good, but is not immediately obvious to anyone,which is just fine. This is all about how you feel.

6 Things for better self confidence Naija Housewives

Identify your wow factor

Every woman has one thing that really makes her outfit come together and boosts her confidence – something that adds a WOW to the way she feels. Find out what your wow factor is. It could be the right pair of shoes or a bag, it could even be your hair. What is it that makes you feel less confident if it isn’t up to scratch? Focus on that and make sure it’s always a perfect 10.


A smile can make you look confident so wear that smile knowing that no one really knows how you feel inside. Bottom line:

Fake it till you feel it!



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