6 Travel Bloggers That Will Inspire You to Travel

We’ve been a bit focused on travel (sure you’ve noticed). And while reading about travelling is fun, there’s just something that reading about someone’s travels does to you. That’s why we compiled this list of travel bloggers who we know will inspire you.

So, if you’ve always wanted to travel and haven’t had the motivation these travel bloggers will inspire you to travel. You almost want to quit your job and join them on the road. Learn about them then go read their exciting views, experiences and tips.

Most of all, allow these travel bloggers to inspire your next travelling adventure.

Awesome travel bloggers - Theblogabroad.com
Beautiful Gloria from Theblogabroad.com

The Blog Abroad: Honest, Real and Soulful

First on our list is The Blog Abroad. If there’s a blog that would motivate you to pick up your passport and go, it’s this one. Gloria is the beautiful soul that runs the blog and we love everything about her.

Amazingly, she shares her life in an open way that pulls you in and encourages you. She’s like the big sister of solo travelling. When you read her blog, you feel like you can actually do it. Like there’s nothing stopping you from letting your wanderlust finally take over.

So, if you are searching for travel bloggers that are relatable, then you definitely should visit The Blog Abroad.

A Broken Backpack: Inspiring and Advising Your Travels

Next is the blog owned by the beautiful and effervescent Melissa. She’s from Canada and has an expansive travellers resume.

While she began travelling in 2014 with very little money, she’s been able to sustain her trips. This blog is for you if you have been thinking about living the life of a digital nomad. How to support your life on the road, affordable places to stay…it’s all there.

Thankfully, Melissa shares how she funds her travels and her practical tips make her one of our awesome travel bloggers.

So, if you need the inspiration to travel, look to Melissa. And, if you need to travel on a budget, she offers the best advice on how to travel the world.
Visit A Broken Backpack to plan your next trip

The Amateur Traveler: The Travel Blog for Travel Bloggers & Everyone Else

Whether you are an experienced traveller or a total newb, you’ll find yourself digging through tons of content on this blog. Christ Christensen is like the guru of travel bloggers.

Seriously, his blog been around for a very long time (since 2005) and it guides you through travelling the world. From the travel guides to the travel planners, everything you need is in one spot.

Also, the podcast is something you definitely shouldn’t miss because it opens you to a world of travel. Find new places and listen to veteran travellers as they take you along on their adventures.

Again, there’s a section designed. to help travellers select the right destinations for them based on categories. Visit Amateur Traveler for tips, awesome destinations and travel deals.  

solo travel bloggers

Teacake Travels: Travel Blog for the Solo Woman Traveller

Okay, being a solo traveller as a woman can be challenging, but it’s not impossible.

In fact, it is something every woman should do – take a solo journey. And, no one walks you through this better than Teacake Travels.

Now, this blog has been around since 2014 and is managed by Alice Teacake. She isn’t the only blogger though as there are other contributors.

Interestingly, as travel bloggers go, Alice’s Teacake Travels really addresses issues that a woman might face. So she talks about earning money to travel, self-defence courses (because it goes without saying) and lots of stuff.

So, you wanna put yourself out there and just go for it? Then head on over to Teacake Travels for some kickass travel tips.

lovely pictures from travel bloggers

The Voyageur: Full of Inspirational Travel Photos

Talk about a travel blog that has strong visuals, The Voyageur delivers in spades. Owned by French blogger, Pauline, it’s a great source of inspiration if you’re searching for a new place to travel.

Also, Pauline has one over most travel bloggers in that she’s a professional photographer. Therefore, the quality of her photos is awe-inspiring.

While The Voyageur pulls you in with the pictures, it is their information that makes you stay. She shares detailed info about various destinations and potential itineraries to help you plan activities while travelling.

Furthermore, there’s is a section where you can view different places to stay while at each location. You can plan your travels by food or art when following The Voyageur.

Travel blog
Lee Litumbe of Spirited Pursuit Blog

Spirited Pursuit Blog for Close to Home Tips

Finally, there’s the Spirited Pursuit Blog. If you are a traveller with an African passport, it’s easy to believe that world travel isn’t for you. And we understand, really. Sometimes, it doesn’t seem worth the hassle.

But, Lee Litumbe is here to tell you that it’s possible. Reading through all the other travel bloggers, you might be tempted to turn your nose up at them. It’s easy for them after all, they all carry American, Canadian or European passports, right? Things are different if you have an African passport.

Well, the beautiful woman behind the Spirited Pursuit blog makes it clear that it is possible to travel the world, no matter your passport. She’s done it and so can you.

Read her blog for honest entries, amazing destinations and practical travel tips.

So, that’s it from us. There are many more awesome travel bloggers out there, but these ones struck a chord with us.

And, if you’ve been secretly debating yourself on why you shouldn’t travel, they put your excuses to rest. Yes, they are mostly just excuses as you’ll soon find out.

In conclusion, you should know that depending on your travel goals, there are travel bloggers out there for you. People who have travelled the route you want to follow. Almost any question you could have about travelling are answered by these travel bloggers.

So, go ahead and live your awesome life. Not like you need it, but you have their permission and ours too.

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