6 Ways To Style Wide Leg Pants

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Pencil trousers have been at the fore front of the trouser race for a while now and honestly, we are a bit over it. There are so many other options to explore like wide-leg pants, palazzo pants and straight pants. Right now, we are really feeling wide leg pants.


Wide leg-pants are quite the beauty when paired correctly and can serve as a break from your regular wardrobe choices. You are in luck if you have been searching for corporate styles as pants trousers are corporate wears.


Tips to wearing wide leg pants
  • It’s best to buy wide leg pants long so it touches the ground than to buy pants that awkwardly hang at the ankles. That might be cool and trendy with pencil trousers or denims but not with this kind of pants.
  • High waist pants are gorgeous and easier to style.
  • To avoid looking funny shaped, it’s best to wear slim fitting tops tucked at the waist.


Style wide leg pants…

With a shirt.

This look is the chic and totally-ready-for-business look. You can accessories lightly with a little neck piece and a lovely purse.



With crop tops.

Crop tops are pretty much the cool guys of the top groups. Crop tops will give your outfit a less serious look and a more youthful feel.






With Vintage blouses

If you are a fan of vintage blouses, there is no better wardrobe item to pair them with than your wide leg pants. It gives your outfit that rare sophistication. Top it off with a pair of pumps and everyone is going to want to take photos with you.



With a denim shirt.

We really can’t hate on denims right now – they are on a roll. Pairing pants with a denim shirt is not common or expected but it works just as well and looks just as gorgeous.




With all the jewelries in the world

Okay maybe not “all the jewelries in the world” but statement jewelries. Pairing statement jewelries can be a bit tricky so it’s best to go for a plain top when trying this look. Pull it off well and you’re going to look like the CEO of a fashion company.



The old school way.

This may well be my favorite way to style wide leg pants. To pull off this look, your pant legs have to be quite wide and the waist should be body-fitting. Also use dull colors like grey, white, black and brown. The old school way is the black and white way.



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