7 Day Meal Plan

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Are you standing in the kitchen or staring at your fridge wondering what to cook for your family? Well, wonder no more! Last year on the Facebook page, we promised you a meal plan menu which contains three meals a day for seven days. We are proud to be able to keep our promise to you.


What we have here is a 7 day menu plan; in other words, you don’t have to scratch your head on what to cook any day of the week. These meals are more continental and feature meals like Grilled fish and roast potatoes. If you’re into that kind of eating, or you’re looking for how to introduce variety into your cooking, this is the perfect meal plan for you. It was prepared by one of our Naija Housewives, Gbemi Atimomo and the download link will be at the end of this post.

Naija Style Menu Plan

So what if you prefer a more Nigerianized menu plan with meals like Semovita and Okra or spaghetti and minced meat…then we have another menu plan for you…Yes, that’s right, we are actually giving you TWO menu plans today!

This one includes a fruit of the day which you can eat as it is, juice it or create a smoothie out of it. The meals here are yummy and healthy and they are suitable for your children (just like the first menu plan too).

Here’s a screenshot of what you can expect:


Getting this other menu is quite simple even though we are not providing a download link straight away. To get this menu plan, you need to sign up for our newsletter. Don’t worry, it’s quite simple.

1. Click this link

2. Enter your email address

3. Go check your email for a mail from us.

4. Click the link in that mail

5. You’ll get the download link for the menu plan

We know how busy your schedule is (especially if you’re a stay at home mom) and we are committed to making life easier for you. That is the motive behind these menu plans.

Downloading your menu plans

Once again, here are the instructions for getting your menu plans:


Right click on this link and choose ‘Save As’ to save it on your system.


Click on this link and fill in your email address. Follow the instruction in your inbox.



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