7 Designer Handbags that Should Be on Your Wishlist

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Women do love their handbags and with good reason – we carry them everywhere and they are gorgeous accessories to have around. Buying handbags can be a sort of obsession for most women – buying classic purses on the other hand is a frivolity one has to indulge in every once in a while.


Image: Christian Dior
Image: Christian Dior



The designer purses with genuine leather and eye popping price tags are really more of an investment than a “buy-of-the-moment”. And that’s what you should tell your partner when he asks why you spent hundreds of thousands on a purse.




I for one am a real sucker for designer purses. The teeny tiny issue is that they are super expensive and considering the current  dollar – naira exchange rate, they are now cut throat. If pound notes started to rain from the sky, I would buy all of the purses listed below. A girl can wish…


Fendi Roll Bag

This powder gray tote bag is super gorgeous and can go with most outfits.



$1600 at Fendi


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Mini Lambskin Lady Dior Bag with Embellished Hand

The mini Lady Dior bag is quite the common accessory among the elite fashionistas but this is purse with embellished hand is not as common.


This purse is a rare gem – unavailable online and only sold in selected boutiques.

Givency Antigona Satchel Bag



$4190 at Neiman Marcus


Alexander McQueen Lace -Butterfly Knuckle Box Clutch Bag

For those special days when we wine and dine like kings



$2195 at Neiman Marcus


Fendi Shearling Fold Shopper

Your new furry best friend



$3850 at Neiman Marcus



Brunello Cucinelli Diagonal-Monili



$2795 at Neiman Marcus


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Michael Kors Jet-Set Snap Pocket Tote Bag

Definitely not as pricey as its counterparts but just as pretty



$198 at Neiman Marcus


Les Petits Joueurs Mini Alex Bunny Striped Satchel with Fur Pom



$1450 at Bergdorf Goodman


What bags do you have on your wishlist?


PS: If you do decide to buy any designer bag, try to purchase them only from trusted sources. A lot of these online platforms sell fakes especially when anyone can come on their website and sell their products.




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