7 Simple Lifestyle Hacks for More Energy in 2017

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In everything we do, we require energy, both mental and physical energy. A simple task as getting up from a chair, walking to the bathroom, eating or even laughing would be impossible to perform if we had no energy.

When under stress, maybe due the loss of a loved one, loss of a job, poor health, lack of sleep or other distractions, one will often feel drained of energy to move on.

Below, are some seven simple lifestyle hacks for more energy in 2017.


energy lifestyle hacks - drink water

Take lots of Water

It is known that water is a solution for many health conditions. A few glasses of water every morning and throughout the day will help in the following things;

  • Clean up your system to leave you feeling rejuvenated.
  • Help regulate your body temperature, especially in the hot season.
  • Gets rid of all wastes from the body. The more water we drink, the more we pass out urine, the more bowel movements we have, and the more we sweat.
  • Helps with weight management. Water, unlike sweetened beverages will not add any calories to your body.
  • Water is way cheaper than sweetened and processed drinks.
  • When we run a fever, water acts as a coolant and brings our body temperatures down. So before you see the Doctor because you or your child has a fever, take a few sips of cold water.

Every day, as you leave your house, make sure you carry with you a water bottle. It will help in your health and wellness.


energy lifestyle hacks - eat healthy

Healthy diet

Many of us will go for a juicy burger and oily fries from the nearest fast food joint, instead of having a healthy dish comprising a balanced diet. Often this is purely due to taste preferences. Junk food is designed to be tasty.

This year, try eating foods that are essential for your body growth and health. The following will do for a better diet:

  • Instead of having that plate of white rice, every other day, substitute it this year with brown rice.
  • Take more of white meat than red meat. This includes fish and chicken.
  • Include lots of vegetables to go along with your daily meals.
  • It is important to try and have a fruit daily as fruits are the main source of vitamins.
  • Avoid crash meals as much as you can. That is, eating in between the main meals.
  • Always make sure that whatever you eat is balanced. That is your food has to have the right proportions of every nutritional requirement. Basic nutrients include proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. For example, a plate with a good balanced diet would have the following portions;
  • Lentils or fish or meat (Source of protein)
  • Rice (Source of Carbohydrates/starch)
  • Spinach or Cabbage or Kale(Source of minerals)
  • Fruits which are a source of vitamins.

All the above foods have minerals like iron and zinc and vitamins which are all vital for proper growth.


energy lifestyle hacks - exercise


They say all work and no play, makes Jack a dull boy. This also goes for our bodies. When we push ourselves to work every day without exercising, our bodies feel tired. Exercise is good for the soul, body and mind. Simple exercises that can be done daily for better health include:

  • Walking. A walk every now and then will relax your body leaving you feeling energized.
  • Jogging. Once in awhile, jog for a few minutes and break a sweat. This will help in eliminating waste from your body and will leave you feeling fresh. It will also help in burning off extra calories from your body. It helps if you have a jogging companion
  • Avoid sitting idle all day long. As much as some of us have jobs where we have to sit all day long, try and take a few minutes to stand, walk around, and stretch.

The posture we assume while seated also matters a lot. Make sure, your back and neck are straight as this help with the blood flow in your body. An arched back will be detrimental to your spinal cord and may lead to back problems.

You can also find the best home gym ideas on the internet which can help you get started with home fitness.


energy lifestyle hacks - sleeping

Get enough sleep

A good night sleep is very important. Sleep plays a major role in our well being both mentally and physically. Our quality of life also depends so much on our sleep patterns. A person, who has problems sleeping, has negative side effects because the body lacks enough energy to function well. Our brains function much better when we have had a good rest. A person who lacks sleep will be irritable and this will affect his/her output at work.

Children especially need lots of sleep for proper growth.


energy lifestyle hacks - party


There are so many people who prefer to be alone. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. But going out in a while, and meeting friends for a cup of coffee or a trip outside town is good for the soul. Being happy, smiling more and talking more helps the body and brain feel relaxed. A relaxed body and relaxed brain makes a healthier person.


energy lifestyle hacks - music

Listen to Music

Good music brings joy and a kind of ease. It relaxes our bodies and leaves us feeling better. Always select the kind of music that appeals to you and let it trigger your brain’s pleasure points.


energy lifestyle hacks

Take care of your Health

A visit to the Doctor will do you more good than harm. Regular checks to make sure your organs are okay, blood pressure is okay and everything else is functioning well is crucial.

Do not wait until you are feeling sick to visit the doctor. Avoid the use of over the counter drugs. Avoid as much as you can the indulgence in harmful drugs like heroin, cocaine and the rest. Avoid alcohol and nicotine. Keep your body free from anything that is intoxicating.

If you can maintain the above lifestyle hacks for 2017, you will experience great improvements in your health and wellness.


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