7 Unusual Time Management Tips

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The ability to utilize your time goes a long way in helping you be productive. Time waits for no woman. Below are a few techniques to help you manage time better.

1. Have a record of your conversations, thoughts, and activities for the week. To see how much time you spend in producing results and time wasted on unproductive thoughts, conversations and actions.

2. Ensure you plan and schedule activities your day immediately u wake up, do it the night before if possible. Without a mapped out plan you would most likely have an unproductive day.

3. Assign time to any activity and conversation. This is an important factor in succeeding. Have an appointment book and schedule appointments.

4. Plan to spend at least 50 percent of your time engaged in the thoughts, activities and conversations that are productive. To do this, you first have to identify what is most productive for you and then focus on that.

5. Put up a “Do not disturb” sign when you absolutely have to get work done and do not need disturbance.

6. Try not to answer the phone and e-mails just because they show up, except they are crucial to your business. If possible, have a schedule on when to reply email and return phone calls.

7. Remember that it is impossible to get everything done, do not beat yourself if you do not meet your target, just look at the areas you fell short and put in effort to do better next time.






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