7 Ways to Rock Your Denim

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Denim has been worn since the 18th century and is still widely worn all around the world. Maybe it’s because it’s easy to wear, and simple to style. One denim can be worn to create several completely different but gorgeous looks. Here are a few ways to rock your denim and look red carpet ready. These tips apply to all kinds of denim- denim skirts, cut-out denims, skinny denims and all other kinds you can think of.

Denim on Denim look

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This is a look that has become a trend. It is stylish and simple. Most people wear a denim shirt on a denim trouser. It’s usually best if both denims are of the same shade. You can decide to wear your denim, a cool t-shirt or top of whatever colour and a denim jacket. Finish this look with a pair of heels or a pair of nice sneakers.

Denim and t-shirt

tee shirt and jeans
Wearing a white t-shirt on stonewashed denims is one perfect way to style your denim. Match it with white sneakers or a pair of nude heels. Now if your denim is not stonewashed, you can still wear a t-shirt on it – white or any other colour. Top it off with a pair of heels, sneakers, even sandals and your favourite handbag.
Stonewashed denims are those denims that are white or faded in certain corners.

Denim and Shirt

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You can rock your denims with a tucked-in button up shirt. What is so great about this look is that you are neither too corporate nor too casual. You would have to top off this look with a classy pair of heels. You can also wear a costume jewellery to make your outfit look absolutely stylish.
One uncommon way to style your denim is with a checkered shirt. This look is casual and absolutely beautiful especially with cut-out denims.

Denim and Cropped Top

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Do you have toned abs or a lovely tummy and you are simply dying to show off your midriff? Wear your denim with a crop top and look absolutely fabulous. Pair this with high top sneakers or wedged sneakers and watch heads turn as you walk past.
If you do not wish to expose your midriff, you can wear those shirts that are tied at the waist or a little bit above the waist.

Denim and Blouse

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Style your denim with any kind of blouse – chiffon, satin, silk, off-shoulder, cut-out, sleeveless. Any kind of blouse really would go with a denim. One look that is super cool, is when a portion of the shirt in front is tucked in – not too much, just enough to show the head of your lovely belt.

Denim on Sweater

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When it’s cold or chilly out, pair your denim with a pullover, sweater or hoodie and a footwear that covers your feet – not for fashion reasons, just because its chilly out.

Cuffed at the ankle

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When you are wearing those top-of-the-shelf footwear and you want eyes on our feet, simply cuff your denim at the ankle – that is fold it once or twice at the hem. This look is so urban and trendy.

It is pretty obvious at this point that almost anything will go with a denim and still be stylish. So go dig out your denims from your closet and rock your denim them stylishly!

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