8 Men’s Graphic Tees We Love on Konga.com

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Nothing is sexier than a guy in a graphic tee. Okay…a man in a tux is also a sexy sight. But there is something about a guy who knows how to wear his graphic tees. These t-shirts have been around for a long time. Men from different walks of life wear tees although it is more often seen on younger men. This post gives a man’s guide to wearing these tees.


So what exactly are graphic tees?


Graphic tees are t-shirts with visual designs on them. According to this post there are three types of graphic tees:


  • The one with the stupid pun/saying or overt branding – The worst.
  • Arty Graphics. – Usually best worn on their own.
  • Simple graphics. – Easily combined, doesn’t look bad on its own either.


Men's graphic tees on konga


The writer also says that before you get a graphic tee, you should make sure that it is both visually appealing and has a positive association. He says:


“The main reason for wearing graphic tees should visual appeal and positive association. By positive association I mean that you feel strongly about what company/band etc. you are representing and that you are proud to show this affection. If a shirt is just ‘funny’ then it probably isn’t anything else and it isn’t worth getting.”


It is also important to note that what is on your t-shirt says a lot about the kind of man you are. There’s a funny post on what your tee says about your personality. Read it here.


Personally I think graphic tees are fun. While I will not quite class them as fashion statements, if you learn how to style them and pair them with the right accessories, they can be really hot!


Graphic Tees on Konga.com


Konga.com is an online e-commerce site that operates from Nigeria. I love the customer service and tend to do my shopping there. I found some tees that we thought were really sexy and decided to share them here.

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1. Panda t-shirt


graphic tees for men - panda

Get it here


2. Black no chill t-shirt. (Also in white)


Graphic tees - no chill

Get it here


3. Lovely Africa tee


graphic tees - africa


Get it here


4. Black Dope tee (also in white).


Graphic tees for men - Dope


Get it here


5. Splash urban Fela tee (leather arms)


Graphic tees - urban fela


Get it here


6. Chiroma Banks lavish t-shirt


Graphic tees - lavish - corallifestylemagazine.com


Get it here


7. Ebonyte Religion Longline tee


Graphic tees - religion longline


Get it here


8. Unbothered t-shirt


Graphic tees - unbothered

Get it here


Want your own custom graphic tees?


You might have an idea for your own graphic tee. If you would like to custom make yours, we found this guy who does a fantastic job.


13350503_1269855203026069_9045734016378706355_o 13392043_1269854676359455_1077261866814791039_o


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