A Grave Concern: Neighbours (A Radio Drama)

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A clash of cultures comes into play when a dead man’s relatives insist on burying him in his family compound instead of at the city’s cemetery; they insist it is their cultural tradition to keep the dead near them. This incenses the tenant who insists that a grave cannot be put in his compound and not by his window for that matter. The entire thing lands them in the police station and both parties are forced to reach a compromise.

This particular episode of ‘Neighbours’ is actually quite interesting because it is a common practice for some cultures to bury a dead man in what was his primary place of residence. Most of us have seen those graves, but as much as we understand the tradition (actually we don’t, but that’s neither here nor there), we know that it would be a tough one to rent a place that has a grave smack in the middle of the compound. A great conversation starter, we can’t deny. Just imagine when your friends come visiting, you can probably expect questions like “Oh, you didn’t tell us you slept underground” or… “Aren’t you taking this whole Twilight craze a little too far.” 😀

What are your thoughts though? Can you live in a rented apartment that has a grave in the compound?



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