How To Accessorize The Hippie Look

The hippie style just isn’t going away, and you don’t have to have your Coachella ticket to wear it.

hippie accessories

Its loose fitting and flowy nature make it the perfect, comfortable summer style, and it’s fun, flirty, and pretty to wear. It’s also surprisingly easy to pull off – there is no risk of clashing colors, in fact, it’s encouraged. The loose clothes aren’t expected to emphasize your tiny waist or long legs; they just look cute and pretty. The only slightly challenging part is the accessories – there’s just so much to choose from! Don’t be put off though – this is one time where less definitely isn’t more.


Be sure to include tassels and fringes

If your outfit hasn’t got at least one tassel or fringe, you’re missing out. It’s basically accessorizing without even trying. It also adds movement and dimension to an outfit in a way that not many clothes can. Embrace the tassels!

hippie bohemian style


Feathers are a must

The beautiful boho style is intrinsically connected to nature, so feathers are everywhere. From earrings to necklaces, real feathers to little silver pendants, they’re unavoidable. If you feel your look is lacking, feathers are another great way to bring movement and a sense of whimsy to a style.


Layer delicate necklaces

One necklace is just nowhere near enough for the hippie look. Layered necklaces give a really romantic look. You could go for small, delicate chains and pendants for an understated style, but if you want to go all out, it works with far bigger chains and statement pieces too. Just experiment!


Don’t forget the earrings

From feathery dangling earrings to these gold hoop earrings from Frost NYC, the world is your oyster when it comes to earrings. As long as they’re big, bold, and beautiful, you can get away with almost any. Gold can really bring out a tan, but it also makes the boho look super wearable. Feathers and mandalas are more floaty and flirty – great for making a statement on a night out.



hippie bracelets

Shells and glass beads are great for summer

Back to the nature thing again – any jewelry made from natural materials such as wood and shells are going to look great. They really bring an outfit together, but they give a beautifully mysterious and spiritual edge to a look too. Little tiny shells on necklaces look cute, but mussel shell cut-outs used as beautiful light reflecting beads are truly stunning.


Ankle bracelets are a necessity

There aren’t many outfits where an ankle bracelet doesn’t look like you’ve just stepped off a beach, but the hippie look requires jewelry on every part of your body, so don’t go without an ankle bracelet or a toe ring if they’re on show. They don’t have to be too flamboyant, but they are the perfect opportunity to get a bit more fringing or beading into your outfit, if you so desire.


Chokers go with anything

If in doubt, throw a choker on. They have an incredible ability to draw your makeup and hair together with your outfit to complete the look. And they really do go with anything.


The beauty of the boho look is that there are no rights and wrongs – just experiment and have fun with it.



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