Really Affordable Coffee Makers

Affordable coffee makers for $30 or less (that’s 10,000 Naira approx).

As a dedicated coffee drinker (for about 20 years or more), it is surprising that I have never owned a coffee maker. Even though I appreciate a cup of freshly brewed coffee like the next coffee drinker, my coffee exploits have mostly been reduced to instant coffee. It never occurred to me to look for affordable coffee makers for that amazing early morning coffee aroma.

Well, not too long ago I paid a visit to my brother and he had this cute little coffee maker. You know, the elegant, functional and affordable coffee maker. His was a french press, so it was pretty easy to use. But it got me thinking…maybe it was time I finally got myself a coffee maker.

But coffee makers are very expensive, are they not? At least that is what I always thought and frankly, that was not my top priority. Still, I decided to go ahead and search for affordable coffee makers and I can’t wait to share my findings with you. Before I do that though, here are some things to look out for when buying a coffee maker.

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Things You Should Think About Before Buying a Coffee Maker

Okay, so buying a coffee maker is not a simple as it appears. There are several things you need to take into consideration before you even buy one – that is if you are a serious coffee drinker and the dark brew is essential to your morning ritual. So before you buy any of the affordable coffee makers listed here, here’s what you should think about seriously.

How much coffee do you need to start your day?

If you are like me and you need at least two cups of coffee before you’re ready for the day, then you will need a coffee maker that makes several cups. A single-serve coffee maker just won’t cut it.

But if you are okay with a single cup, then a single-serve is exactly what you need so that you don’t end up wasting good coffee.

If you are buying a multi-serve machine, then there are machines that make from 12 cups up to 64 cups. It really depends on the number of coffee drinkers in your home, I guess.

Figuring Out Long Term Costs

There are 3 main types of coffee machines – bean-to-cup, coffee grounds and capsule machines. I am not going to bother with bean-to-cup machines because they tend to be on the high side and in this post, I am about affordable coffee makers. I’ll just say that bean-to-cup machines are usually easier to use, they grind the beans, brew it and give you coffee that’s fresher than fresh, you just need to be sure to always keep it in coffee beans.

It is not enough to think about ordering one of the affordable coffee makers listed below, you also need to think about if they come with any recurring costs that will make them more expensive in the long run.

Capsule machines like Keurig or a Nesspro, mean that you will need to keep buying capsules or pods to feed your machine while coffee grounds will require you to buy your coffee grounds. Either way, you will need to replace filters after a while.

My first choice is the bean-to-cup machine, obviously, but since what I’m after is an affordable machine, I would rather go for coffee grounds because they last longer and are more widely available here in Nigeria.

Can It Do Stuff Automatically, Like Turn On and Shut Off?

Just to be clear, a coffee machine does not have to come with bells and whistles to make it a really good machine. At the end of the day, a coffee maker is supposed to do just one thing, and that’s make coffee. That said, some bells and maybe a whistle or two would be nice.

If you are someone that can hardly think straight in the morning until that first cup of coffee has gone down, then a machine that can turn on automatically is a blessing. It means that you won’t need to spend precious minutes waiting for your coffee to brew, it would have already done that before you get out of bed.

If you are like me and you are always rushing out of the house (trying to get kids to school on time in my case), then a machine that shuts off automatically can save you a lot of anxiety later in the day.

So yeah, it is important to decide if you really want the extras or if you can live without them as not many affordable coffee makers come with extras.

Affordable Coffee Makers
How Hot Does It Get?

This seems like a redundant point, but trust me, it isn’t. The ideal brewing temprature for the perfect cup of coffee is between 195 F (91 C) and 205 F (96 C). The closer to 205 F (96 C) the better. Anything hotter and it is going to burn the coffee, ruining it. I kid you not. This is actually a thing. So this is important and most coffee machines list the brewing temprature.

These are the basic things you should consider before you go shopping for these affordable coffee makers (or any coffee machine at all). If you are a finicky kind of person, there are other things you can look into and this article and this one provide details.

Top Affordable Coffee Makers For $30 or Less

Now that we have an idea of what to look for in a coffee maker, it makes it easier to check out affordable coffee makers. This means that when I do order my machine, it’s not going to be a dud, but one that will deliver a perfect cup of coffee for me each and every time. 

Affordable coffee makers kona french press
Kona French Press Coffee Maker. Image via
KONA French Press Coffee Maker

This is a French press coffee maker, meaning that it is not automatic, but it does a really good job of brewing coffee. French press coffee makers are affordable coffee makers that give you delicious coffee every time. The Kona is probably the best French press coffee maker you will get for less than $30. But what is incredible about this little fellow is how much buyers love it.


– Single glass carafe

– Stainless steel re-usable filter

– Insulated protective outer shell

– Dish washer safe and easy to clean

– Non electric so it can go with you anywhere

– Quiet, which makes it ideal for offices

What’s to like about this coffee maker?

A lot actually. First of all let’s start with the aesthetics, this is something I would actually want in my office (or home) because it’s just so classy and elegant. The design is nice without being too much. And the coffee maker itself feels solid.

The second thing I love about this French press is the reusable filter. Imagine having to buy filters on a regular basis – nothing wrong with that, but it’s nice not to have to do that.

It is literally impossible to make a bad cup of coffee with this one. I should know, I tried it myself as it’s the same one my brother has and I loved it. The incredible aroma of coffee fills the house, but you brew remains hot. 

It is easy to use and if you are new to coffee machines or affordable coffee makers, then this is an obvious choice. 

I really love this little guy and will probably be doing a review soon.

What to watch out for

This is a durable coffee maker, but you need to be careful when handling because if you hit the glass too hard, it will break.

Want to try the Kona French Press coffee maker? Order yours here.

Affordable coffee makers Secura Stainless Steel French Press Coffee Maker
Secura Stainless Steel French Press Coffee Maker

The Secura is another French Press coffee maker, but unlike the Kona, it is made from stainless steel. This coffee maker is sturdy and easy to use and is also one of our affordable coffee makers.


– Easy to assemble: you don’t need a manual to use this and it does not require any complicated assemblage. It’s pretty straight forward and easy to use.

– High quality material: Made from top grade stainless steel, it keeps your brew hot for up to 20 minutes.

– Durable: This coffee maker is not just affordable, but will last quite some time

– Non-electric and portable: Meaning that you can take it with you anywhere you go.

– Sturdy: It is solid to hold, nothing fragile about the Secura.

– Quiet: Perfect for offices and homes, it does not make a sound while it does the most important job possible – brew a perfect cup of cofee.

What’s to like about this coffee maker?

The best thing about this coffee maker is that it keeps your coffee warm. Imagine waiting five minutes for your coffee to brew, then you need to answer a phone call only to return ten minutes later and your coffee is tepid, or just warm at best.

If you are a dedicated coffee drinker, you are probably scrunching up your face at that thought. Well, if you are using the Secura, you have nothing to worry about. Your coffee will still be piping hot, just the way you like it.

The fact that it is durable is also a plus. No tip toeing around this bad boy. You can make your coffee and go without worrying that something is going to get cracked or broken.

Another thing is how easy it is to wash. Really, you just empty the used coffee grinds and wash. Even better, the wheel and mesh easily come apart so you can wash out any coffee grinds that get stuck.

What to watch out for

In some products, the joint between the rod and the filter had a problem and the filter assembly fell off. Only a couple of people had this experience as most people were highly satisfied with this coffee maker. As far as affordable coffee makers go, this is a great deal.

But it is worth keeping in mind. Still want to order the Secura French press? Get yours here for under $30.

BLACK+DECKER 5-Cup Coffeemaker with Duralife Glass Carafe

If I were going for an electric machine, this would probably be it. It’s easy to use, brews coffee fast and best of all, it is top of the list of affordable coffee makers.


– Easy to use: As one reviewer put it, “a monkey could use it.” Seriously, it’s just plug and play and voila! You have a nice cup of coffee.

– Easy to Clean: This is a good thing because you don’t have to worry about keeping the coffee maker clean.

– Durable: Even though it does not look like it will last any amount of time (it has a fragile look to it), this coffee maker is surprisingly durable and you can use it for quite some time.

– Portable: It is small and easy to carry about anywhere you need to go.

– Brew Strength Selector: Need something stronger in the morning? You can choose a stronger brew for a stronger cup of coffee.

What’s to like about this coffee maker?

Plenty, it seems. The fact that it is so easy to use is top of the list. It is great for small spaces and does not take up a whole lot of space. If you are a large family of coffee drinkers, this is probably not ideal, but if you are only catering to yourself or one or two other people, then this is perfect.

If you are on the go a lot and need your own coffee maker, then this travel size machine is a great one to have. You really can’t go wrong with this.

The brew speed is fantastic. If you need your pick me up in a hurry, this smal, portable machine gets your coffee ready very quickly. That alone is enough to recommend it.

What to watch out for

Does not turn off automatically. If you leave it on for too long, it will burn your coffee. This will probably be a problem for you if you have to do a thousand and one things in the morning and tend to be a bit forgetful. Otherwise, it should not be an issue.

You will need a microwave for a second cup, because after the first cup, the coffee won’t be so hot anymore. Which is not such a bad thing, really. 

No permanent filters.

Click here to order yours.

AdirChef Grab N’ Go Personal Coffee Maker with 15 oz. Travel Mug

Okay, I must confess that I covet this little baby. It’s so small and cute and best of all, you can programme it 24 hours in advance. It’s not for me, because I need more than a single cup of coffee to get started in the morning, but it would make a fabulous gift for someone.


Programmable: You can program the coffee maker way in advance so that your cup of coffee is ready whenever you are.

Single cup: Good for one cup of coffee at a time.

Reusable filter: No need to buy several filters or worry about disposing same.

Easy to clean: All components are dish washer safe.

Comes with a travel mug: A cute travel mug so you can have your coffee on the go.

Versatile: You can use it at home, in the office, travel with it…really portable design.

Durable: Has a long life so you can use for quite some time. It’s a sturdy little thing.

What’s to like about this coffee maker?

There’s so much to love about this really affordable coffee maker. I’m not sure whether it’s the fact that you won’t need to be buying filters as it comes with a permanent filter, or if it’s the cute travel mug (that’s a huge win). So you can drink your coffee piping hot each time.

Did I mention that it comes in several colors? You can get yours in black stainless steel, or in lovely colors like ruby red, crystal blue, orange, green or sour green. If you love to create a color theme in your kitchen, this will fit in just nicely.

It is also easy to use and you will get a nice cup of coffee from this little darling.

Things to watch out for

You might need to replace the filter if you do not like any coffee grounds getting into your coffee. This one leaves a little coffee grounds at the bottom of your cup, which can be a bit annoying.

Want to get this lovely coffee maker? Click here to order.

Mr. Coffee 12-Cup Programmable Coffee Maker

Mostly I have featured affordable coffee makers that can make a single cup or 5 cups, but this one surpasses all that and can make 12 cups of coffee. This is perfect if you have a house (or office) full of coffee drinkers or you like to have multiple cups of coffee through the day.


Programmable: You can set the timer up to 24 hours in advance which is quite useful.

Automatic Shut off: After 2 hours it shuts itself off so you don’t need to worry when you are out of the house.

Pauses mid-brew for when you just can’t wait for brewing to finish before having your cup of coffee.

Easy to use: It’s pretty simple to use and comes with a user guide and user manual which can be downloaded online.

Permanent filter, but you will have to buy that separately.

What’s to like about this coffee maker

To be honest, I think what I like the most about this coffee maker is that it is affordable. For less than thirty dollars (that’s roughly ten thousand naira), you can get a functionable coffee maker that is programmable and can make so many cups of coffee.

The automatic shut off is also a huge plus especially when you are a busy mom and you need to rush out of the house in the mornings. If you can’t get back home immediately, you don’t have to spend the entire day worrying whether you turned off the coffee machine or not. That sort of thing can play havoc with your mind.

I like to drink coffee through out the day so this looks like a really good way to keep caffeinated. And it’s so easy to use, quite intuitive really. There is no way we could have left this out of a list of affordable coffee makers.

Things to watch out for

The odd noises it makes, seriously, why does it do that? It beeps when the water boils, beeps when the coffee is ready, and then beeps for no good reason at all. It’s not a huge deal and you can get used to it, but it can be pretty disconcerting at first.

So that’s it people. My list of affordable coffee makers for thirty dollars or less. I really hope this helps you when you are choosing your next, or in my case, first coffee maker.

Before I go, I would like to share this short video on how to brew coffee with a french press.

The Right Way to Brew Coffee Using a French Press

Now, even though the heading says ‘the right way to brew coffee using a French press’, let me just say here that there is no right way. There are different ways, the important thing is to brew coffee that YOU like.

However, if you are just starting out with a French press, this video will help. Remember, the French press is one of our top affordable coffee makers.

That’s it folks! If you have used any of these affordable coffee makers before or you went out and got one after reading this, let us know. Leave a comment, we will be super excited to hear from you.


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