Air fryer: your perfect kitchen assistant!

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The Air fryer is known as the universal helper in the kitchen. Say goodbye to multiple cooking appliances. With the Air fryer, you get everything in one package as it combines all of these functions. For instance, this device operates as an oven and a microwave and you can use it to steam ad grill food at the same time. Are you thinking of a barbecue? Say hello to this wonderful device!

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What is an Air fryer?

The device is an improved version of a multi-cooker with the addition of an airgrill. It opens up new opportunities in the kitchen because it can be used for many different purposes!

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Why do you need to buy an Air fryer?

* It’s compact! You don’t have enough space for the oven? The ideal solution for you would be an Airfryer since it takes up a minimum of space and performs a maximum of functions: frying, baking, boiling, steaming, grilling, barbecue cooking and even defrosting

* The food cooked in an Airfryer is healthy and nutritious as it retains most of the vitamins and nutrients due to the automatically-chosen cooking mode.

* The amazing quickness of cooking. Your food is heated not just from the bottom, but also from all sides of the device. This means that you will be able to eat a yummy chicken in just 20 minutes and a juicy steak in only 15 minutes!

* Affordable price: the device is more expensive compared to other similar appliances. However, if we take into account the combination of multiple functions, it does not seem expensive at all!

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What should you pay attention to when buying an Air fryer?

* The size of the fryer. It is directly connected with the amount of food that can be prepared at the same time.

* Advanced functionality and standard equipment. The most important functions are roasting, steaming, baking and boiling. Additionally, some fryers can cook yogurt, while others can make bread, and even knead dough for it. Pay attention to other factors – such as Rapid Air technology, digital touch screen, built-in timer, accessories (up to ten items normally, can include even the grill for barbecue).

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