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Alliance in Motion coffee


Healthy coffee is always an attraction for an avid coffee drinker like myself. Actually, I just love good coffee and if it happens to be healthy as well, then I am interested. About a year ago I was introduced to this healthy coffee from Alliance in Motion (AIM). It is called Liven Alkaline Coffee. It is a box that contains 20 sachets of coffee.


Liven Alkaline Coffee comes in 3 types: Latte, Cappuccino and Original.





This is what the producers say about it:


“Liven coffee is made of premium Arabica coffee beans, fortified with 16,000 phytonutrients from Complete Plus phytoalkaline powder. Liven coffee, the world’s first alkaline coffee is a combination of the finest ingredients, creating a perfectly balanced, delicately flavoured coffee indulgence with exceptional health benefits.”


Then they go on to list the health benefits:


– Helps balance body’s PH level

– Lowers cholesterol

– Rejuvenates skin

– Protects against heart diseases and complications

– Improves performance and enhances during exercise

– Enhances sexual vitality

– Helps prevent cancer

– Enhances concentration

– Controls high blood pressure

– Heightens alertness

– Increases sperm motility

– Relieves headache

– Et cetera et cetera


That is a long list and plenty English. I cannot say for certain that since I’ve been drinking this it has helped to prevent cancer or lowered my cholesterol. But I have noticed a few things and I will talk on those.


My Opinon on Alliance in Motion’s Coffee


Like I mentioned before, I have been drinking this coffee for close to a year and I have really enjoyed it. In fact, I would say that it is the best coffee I’ve tasted, (second to Starbucks of course), and trust me, that is high praise indeed.



My observation has been that any time I drink this Liven Alkaline Coffee, I feel my body gradually relaxing, while I become extra alert. It does not give me the high or tense feeling that I usually get when I drink coffee. I drink coffee to help me keep alert because I usually don’t get enough sleep and this one helps.


Another thing I noticed is that it really does help to relieve headaches. I suffer a lot from headaches and this has been really good in relieving that tense feeling in my head. Also, probably because of it’s alkaline content, it calms my stomach when I drink it.


In conclusion, I really love this coffee. I love it so much that when I discovered that it was being sold through network marketing, I signed up immediately so I can get it at the company price. Imagine my surprise when I discovered that just from drinking coffee – which I loved anyway – I got money in my account. It was staggering. You don’t have to sign up as a network marketer though, if you just want to enjoy good healthy coffee, you should try Liven Alkaline Coffee from Alliance in Motion. I recommend it.




It’s sold for N2,000 a box (one box has 20 sachets). BUT if you get in touch with me, you can get a box for N1,600*

Phone: 08122692016


*I’m based in Port Harcourt so you will have to handle cost of shipping.



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