Annie Idibia Talks About Growing Up, Family Struggles, & More

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Nigerian actress Annie Idibia who is married to award winning music star, ‘Tuface’ Innocent Idibia is a woman that has inspired so many. As someone who is connected to such a public figure and one in the public space herself, we have had almost a front row seat to her life and when she and her long time partner finally tied the knot in 2013, it was like watching our very own royal wedding… Yes, we were that invested.

When it comes to celebrities however, we tend to only see the glam. Probably because that is all they let us see. It could be from fear of criticism or fear that people won’t see them as awesome superstars anymore, whatever the reason, celebrities tend to keep their back story from the rest of us mere mortals.

Annie Idibia

Yet, everyone has a story and in keeping with the wonderful woman that she is, Annie Idibia decided to share hers with the world. If you’ve ever wondered how and why she remains so humble and grounded, then you should read her story below.

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Early Growing Up Years

According to the post she shared on her Instagram page, Annie MacCaulay Idibia’s story is quite inspiring…more like a grace to grass to grace story. Before her parents separated when she was quite young, things were good. Then her mother was left alone to raise four kids and things became really tough for them. As a result of the severe financial lack, they lost their baby brother to Tuberclosis.

She reminisced about how they had to walk a great distance (from Igbogosho to Jakande in Lagos) just to fetch water for the family to use. They did not have electricity for several years and things were generally tough. Thanking God for how far he’d brought her, she said:

“Thank You Lord For Turning My Life Around From That Girl That Used To Help Her Mom Sell Pepper Soup After School, whose mom was “the cook”; That Girl who Had to Start Her First degree As A Part-time Student Cos She Had To Be At work By 7am-6pm (marketing and selling a magazine) and rush to LASU (Lagos State University) Ikoyi campus by 6:30..Was Always late to class.. And everyone just Thought I Was not serious Cos I Was Always Late to Class.”


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Refusing to Give Up Hope

Regardless of everything that came her way, the inauspicious start she had, Annie refused to give up hope. She held on to the knowledge that there had to be more for her. “I Always Knew Some Where deep In My Heart That I “Annie” Was Created For Bigger n Better Things, that this right here isnt my life…”

And she was right. Not at first, but eventually.

She tried her hands at modelling, but was too short so that didn’t work out. She tried to anchor a music show and it didn’t work out quite well either. With so many doors slammed on her face, she should have given up. But she didn’t. She held on to her belief in God and along with hard word and relentless determination, it paid off.

“Today God has Proven That He Is God In My Life.. He Has Taken Me To Places n Heights I have Never Imagined Or Dreamt of…He Has Made Me “Annie Macaulay Idibia” A Brand That Brands Wanna Reckon With. He Has Made Me An Independent Woman Regardless of the obvious “my boo”??! He Made Me The Actress..The Mom..The Brand Ambassador…”

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Standing Tall and Strong

Today, Annie Idibia is truly a brand and someone who is an inspiration for all. As a wife, she is constantly being celebrated by her husband and she is that celebrity that we all can relate to. She is the real deal!

She is someone who has not forgotten her roots and stays close to family and friends. Cognizant of all she’s been blessed with, she began the Annie Idibia Care Foundation to give back.

We are truly inspired by this woman and appreciate the way she opened herself up to share her story in the hopes of inspiring those who read. It takes a truly great woman to do something like that and it is no secret that Annie Idibia is a great woman.


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