Are You Really Free?

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Are you really free?

This is a question I was asked some time ago and I thought it was a ridiculous question. Of course I was free…I didn’t owe anyone and I could come and go as I pleased. I tried to shrug off the question, but it kept rolling back subtly like a gentle wave… are you really free?

I reluctantly stopped to think about it. Was I truly free…FREE the way I wanted to be? Free to be whom I wanted to be without fear of judgment and repercussions? When I thought long and hard about it, I had to admit the truth to myself and I did not like the answer.

Naija Housewives October Freedom

Are you happy with the answer your heart gives you?

Freedom is something we all crave in different forms. Freedom is not always about the ability to go wherever you want whenever…Actually, true freedom is in your soul. When you are not bound by the expectations of others; when you live a life that is authentic and totally you – not what someone else says you should be…that kind of freedom is something you can have wherever you are.

There is a reason why the greatest teachers of all time advocate for inner peace. You have no control over the way people act or the things they say, but you can control how you let these things affect you.

Too many times our emotions hold us in like a caged bird; we are bound by anger, anxiety, fears, bitterness, feelings of desperation, even love…we are so busy trying to manage our emotions or hold them in that we end up getting trapped ourselves. It is time to learn how to let go and live life fully.

October Freedom Naija Housewives

Join us as we explore freedom this month. At Naija Housewives, we are dedicating the month of October to Seeking Freedom.





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