Are Your Children Back in School

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Students of Messiah College Nigeria
Students of Messiah College Nigeria

Schools in Nigeria have been closed for the past few weeks due to the Ebola Virus Disease. Most schools were slated to resume by the first week in September, but when the first case of Ebola was discovered in the country and then other people got infected, the Federal Government announced that all schools would remain shut till October.

By last week though, it was clear that somehow, the spread of the dreaded disease had been halted and so the government announced a new date of resumption; September, 22.

However, a patient died of ebola in Rivers state and there are still a few people under surveillance there. Based on that, the Rivers State government declared that schools should not open till October 8. This directive was not only given by the RSG, but some other states including Lagos, decided to postpone resumption till that date even though, private schools in Lagos have said this directive does not apply to them and so they resumed school on Monday.

Some parents have opted to keep their children at home regardless of whether the schools have resumed or not.

If your children are at home, don’t just let them play and watch cartoons, take time out to go through their school work with them. Some schools are giving out materials to help you with this. We know it might not be convenient, but nothing about parenting is convenient.

We would like to know if your children are in school. Was their resumption date postponed or have they resumed and you’ve decided to keep them at home? Let us know.



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