How The Autumn Weather Affects Your Outfit

So considering that the theoretical colder season is upon us, there’s a lot to think about when it comes to putting together an outfit from the back of your wardrobe. There’s also a lot of stock to put into how well your makeup and perfume works for the whole ensemble. If you’re a busy woman, or you’re just running late, you’re going to throw on whatever you can. This can work against you in subtle ways when it comes to cold and wet weather, and when there’s humidity in the air. Your makeup may run in the rainy weather, your scarf may not be warm enough, and humidity can turn us into a giant puddle. So how can you combat these little weather effects?


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What Waterproof Makeup You Should Put On


So for the summer you wear sunscreen and a light foundation, but for the autumn you need something more durable. Your pores still need to breathe but there’s less of a chance of overdoing it and getting your face clogged with excess oils.

Mascara and eyeliner is a big contender here. If rain is batting down against your eyes, whilst you might think you look like a heroin in a feature length romance film, you’re more likely to get panda eyes. Finding the right products that really go the extra mile is key here, as a lot of waterproof products are not what they claim to be.

On a whole, foundation and concealer will mostly hold up even if they’re not the waterproof type. No one is going to look closely enough to see that they’ve run, and any partners or children love you however you look.


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Where To Spray Your Perfume


Perfume can be worn in a lot of ways. Before we go out we spray perfume or cologne all over and then rush out the door. For a good night out we’re more careful with our application, and spritz it liberally onto wrists and necks. However there’s a little bit of a technique to making it last longer in such varied weather as you get in the autumn.

If you’re wearing a coat, you’re going to be warmer, and thus your blood is too. By carefully spraying perfume on select pulse points in common areas like the wrists and base of the neck, your perfume will be more noticeable to other people as the heat from your blood helps it to breathe. You can read the thoughts of perfyoom on how to make perfume last for more detail and little hacks we all wish we’d known last year at least.

In autumn we’re more likely to have our hair down as it isn’t as hot and you can often get a great flyaway look from the stronger breezes. Misting your hair with some spray means you’ll be leaving a lovely scent trail behind you as this happens. It also makes the perfume last longer as your hair strands won’t sweat it off.


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Why You Still Sweat


Summer means we’re likely to be walking around with a thin sheen of sweat on our foreheads, but what about autumn as well? Don’t be too enthusiastic with your layering during the colder period, as too fast a transition can mean you sweat out a lot more.


So an outfit can comprise your scarf and outerwear as well, yet these can work against you a lot. If you’re sitting in a restaurant or cafe, or even at work in the office, you’re going to need to take these accessories off. Try some warmer fabrics such as cotton to fend off needing a vest, then a tee, then an overshirt, and so forth.


This is both to combat sweat patches that we can feel embarrassed about, and to help you actually feel the benefit of a coat when you walk back outside. You can also wear darker pieces to help hide anything you don’t want others to see. It looks chic, professional, and is perfectly seasonal for the transition between summer and autumn. If anyone asks why you’re always in black these days, you can claim you’re mourning the loss of the holiday.


So there you have it. The weather does more to ruin how we look than you might have first thought. Seeing as you’ve lived for a long time in your own skin, you’re going to have your own tips and tricks on how to combat any excess moisture, but this was a little more food for thought to ponder.  


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