Banish Summer Stubble!

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What a wonderful time of the year, the summer is! The sun is out, the temperatures are rising. You can eat outside, or even go to pool parties, but you won’t because you haven’t got your stubble under control. The problem is that when it’s sunny all the time, we can end up having to shave our legs every day, and no one like doing that because it leaves us red and sore. So to solve this issue read on for some clever ways to banish that summer stubble that don’t include razors.


shavers for banishing summer stubble



One way of banishing the summer stubble or at least minimising it is to wax your legs and body. Waxing can be done at home, or you can go to a salon to get it done. It usually involved either a strip of wax being applied to the area or hot wax being smothered over it.


Smooth skin free of summer stubble


Then after a few seconds, the wax is ripped off at high speeds, and all of those nasty little hairs go with it. OK, so it’s not off the faint of heart, but actually, if you have got used to the sensation it actually doesn’t hurt so bad.

Waxing is such a popular form of hair removal for the summer because it removes the summer stubble from its root. That means it takes longer to grow back, giving you much more time without having to worry about hair.

It also works really well because you can use it on all different parts of the body including the face, and underarm area. Just make sure that you get the smaller strips and the sensitive formulation if your skin is a little delicate in these places.



Another great hair removal tech is threading. This is a method that uses cotton thread, wrapped in a certain way that when pulled away from the brow, or other area takes their hair out with it.


Threading extra summer stubble


It is popular especially for facial hair issues like top lips and eyebrows, as it’s quite accurate, although it can be employed for larger areas too. Again the results are long lasting because the hair is totally removed roots and all.


Laser hair removal

While you would need to wax or thread less than you would need to shave, they still are associated with regular upkeep and hard work. If this is unappealing, then it may be useful to consider laser hair removal.

You can choose between at home laser hair removal, or have it performed at a clinic. Obviously, clinic visits are expensive and can also be embarrassing, depending on where the hair is that you are trying to remove!


It’s also worth noting that laser hair removal doesn’t work so good on lighter blond and red hair. So this may only be an appropriate treatment if your hair has dark to medium.


That crazy trick you’ve seen on Pinterest

Lastly, let’s consider the crazy hair removal tricks on Pinterest that we see all of the time. The ones that contain mouthwash, olive oil, or even coffee. Are these worth your time and effort?


Well, while they look super impressive, the sad truth is that they don’t really work. You are best sticking to the treatments above if you want real results in getting rid of your summer stubble.



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