Six Tips To Beat The Bloat and Be More Confident in Your Bikini

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With summer vacations in full swing, getting out and about in your swimwear is going to be on the cards for many of us. While it is simple to get a bikini body, you simply put a bikini on, right? There might be a few things that we can all do to make sure that we feel a little more confident in it. From bloating to pimples, avoiding those kinds of thing at this time of year is what you want. So here are a few little tips and tricks to get you feeling ready for the beach and ready for your swimwear!



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Cut Out Extra Salt


If you are prone to feeling bloated, then salt is going to be your number one enemy. A bag of salty crisps the night before going to the beach? Yes, it is not going to be your friend. You find it in many things, so the best thing to do is to cut out processed foods, at least for the summer season.


Same For Alcohol


Again, if you are concerned about bloating, sipping margaritas or a beer by the pool is one of the worst things for it. Alcohol, especially things like beer and cider, are some of the worst culprits for bloating. So if you want to look your best, avoid it around vacation time.


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Stick To Whole Grains


There is always so much debate over how many carbs you should be eating; low-carb or high-carb? While everything should be in moderation, there are some carbs that should be avoided and some that aren’t so bad. White carbs, like white bread and products containing white flour and refined and a lot of the goodness, is taken out. So stick to whole grains that are full of fiber, like quinoa, oats, and brown rice. They can help to stop bloating and will give you more energy than their white counterparts.


Get Moving


Getting out and about or to the gym is a great way to firm up your body and feel better. Mixing up cardio with some bodyweight exercises is the way to go. You will burn plenty of calories but tone and firm up at the same time. There are other ways to lose body fat, like body laser sculpting or liposuction, for example. But having a regular exercise routine will be good for the long term.


Don’t Wax or Shave in a Rush


If you want to look good out on the beach, then naturally, taking care of your bikini line is what you need to do. But if you do it in a rush, within twenty-four hours before getting into your swimwear, that area is likely to be red and slightly swollen So don’t do it in a rush!



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Drink Plenty of Water


When you are fully hydrated, your skin will look good, as well as your metabolism running as it should. It will mean you won’t retain water as much, meaning a nice bloat-free belly. So it is a no-brainer! Have you got any tips to add?


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