Beautiful Birthday Gift Ideas

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Guest post by Krystal Jackson

Marking the passing of time through celebrations of age or a birthday gift is a tradition found across the world. In China people eat a plate of very long noodles – symbolising long life – and slurp them in as far as they can before biting off the end. Several cultures cover the birthday boy or girl in flour, eggs or butter to give them good luck whilst the Irish have the tradition of “bumping” – turning a child upside down and bumping their head on the floor – one bump per year plus one for luck.


birthday gift idea


Giving a birthday gift is also a big part of celebrating birthdays across the globe and writing a wish list is something many children look forward to – some starting the day after their birthday in preparation for the next one!

Choosing a birthday gift is just as important and since adults are usually too grown-up to accidentally-on-purpose leave little notes lying around indicating what they’d like we’ve come up with a wish list anyone would be happy to have.


coffeemaker - birthday gift idea


Coffee Makers…


Gadgets are always a hit on anyone’s list and for the coffee lover in you life buying them a coffee machine can show you really know the way to their heart. This tiny pod machine from Krups means they can easily find space in even the tiniest of kitchens.


…and Tea Lovers


We haven’t forgotten that not everyone likes coffee. If tea is more their thing then why not get them a beautiful kettle to boil their water? With cute animals in a design reminiscent of Japanese design we’re sure you’ll be invited round to their birthday tea to try it out!


coffee mugs - birthday gift idea


A Decent Mug


Of course if you’re buying tea and coffee making equipment they’ll need something to drink it out of and an Emma Bridgewater Mug could fit the bill. From cheery spots to inspiring quotes whatever you choose they’ll be thinking of you every time they sit down for elevenses.




A figurine can be a lovely way to mark a special birthday and this collection of Nao Figurines is sure to have something to appeal. From teachers to Hello Kitty lover’s the collection cover’s pretty much all aspects of modern life and would look great in pride of place on a shelf or mantlepiece. We especially like “A Gift From The Heart”, which of course such a beautiful figurine would be, and  “I Thought Of You” as perfect for giving to that special someone on their special birthday.


crystals - birthday gift idea




Beautiful people deserve beautiful things and what could be more beautiful than a piece of Waterford Crystal? Whether a traditional, heavy cut decanter or a light and airy modern vase is more your style crystal has an intrinsic beauty as it sparkles in the night.




Of course if you buy some crystal glasses you’ll need to find something for them to put in them. Wine is often overlooked as a gift idea as it can sometimes smack of a last-minute panic rush to the supermarket. A cute idea can be to buy a bottle from the recipient’s birth year – although this can work out pricey if they were born in a good year!


jewelry - birthday gift idea




For a special lady a special piece of jewellery is a beautiful way to show how much you value her. Rainbows have long been associated with women and the promise of a glorious future which may be why we love rainbow bracelets so much, especially with a matching set of earrings. And if that’s not enough rainbows you can also buy a rainbow drop necklace to complete the set.

With all this inspiration, you’re sure to be able to find the perfect birthday gift for any special person in your life.


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