Beauty: Benefits Of Guava on the Skin

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In a post yesterday, we talked about all the nutrients embedded in guava such as vitamin C, antioxidants and carotene. It would interest you to know that this nutrients are good for our health and our skin as well. Guavas are excellent in skincare, they can be used in making lotions for the body and face.

The Beauty Benefits of Guava for the Skin are as follows.

Improves Complexion:

Rather than spending tons of money in trying to get your skin toned, a guava scrub can do the magic. Remove the seeds and mash the fleshy part of the guava with egg yolk, then apply if for about 20 minutes on the face. Rinse with warm water. The purpose of the scrub is to remove dead cells from the skin and also lightens the complexion of the skin.

Anti-ageing Properties:

Guavas contains vitamins such as vitamins A, B, C and potassium which are good antioxidants, detoxifiers and they fight free radicals, which makes the skin glow and free from premature signs of ageing like wrinkles and fine lines.

Natural Skin Toner:

The high concentration of vitamins, minerals and nutrients in guava helps in keeping your skin toned, fresh and wrinkle free. Guava is effective in enhancing skin texture, tightening the loosened skin and reviving the lost elasticity of the skin.

Free from blemish:

The astringent qualities of guavas protects the skin  from blemishes, acne, wrinkles and pimples.

Treatment of Acne and Dark Spots:

Guava leaves are excellent in solving acne and dark spots issues, by simply mashing some guava leaves and using them as a  paste on the affected areas.

Skin Hydration:

Guava comprises of 81% water, which plays an important role in skin hydration.

Treatment of Skin Problems:

The Vitamin  C content found in guavas heals skin problems such as skin irritation and redness

Treatment of Blackheads and Skin Itchiness:

For those who that have blackheads and itchy skins, the leaves of guava can be blended with a little quantity of water and then applied as a scrub to the areas affected.

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