Beauty Trend: Colored Braids

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Colored braid is pretty much the new trend on the block. Just like fashion, beauty trends seem to be circular – they come, they go then they are back again. Nigeria ladies have been showing a lot of love for human hair braids lately so it’s not surprising that the colored braid trend is back

This trend is mostly worn by those who do not shy away from beauty risks. There are however different levels to this trend – the cool colors, ombre, the really bright colors and rainbow colors.


The cool colors

These colors are usually dark shades of light colors such as dark purple. They are pretty much what most women opt for when they choose to go colored. It’s bright enough to get people’s attention and cool enough to pull off. This kind of braid is usually beautiful especially when the braids are jumbo sized.



Image source: Pinterest



Image source: Pinterest



Image source: Pinterest


Ombre & Highlights

Ombre extensions are in most case the mixture of a cool color then a really bright color. This is usually worn by those who would rather have just one leg in risk country and one leg out of it. Ombre extensions are just the right amount of cool and colorful.


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human hair wigs

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Ombre extensions are expensive and pretty hard to come by compared to regular kanekalon extension. Which is kind of hard to understand as it’s the same kind of hair. Regular hair extension could go for about N600 while ombre would go far about N2000. Darling Easy Braids (which comes precut and prepicked) goes for about N400 but they are very hard to come by.

Highlights are usually one major color and streaks of another.



Image source: Pinterest


The really bright colors.

Mostly seen on bold risk takers. This hair is a showstopper. You are definitely going to take a second look if you see someone walking around in bubble-gum-pink braids.



Image source: Pinterest



Image source: Pinterest

This colored hair however tends to be finer digitally than in reality. It’s easier to admire mint green braids in picture than on the side of the street.


Rainbow colors.

Women who try this trend use about 2 or more (bright) colors.  ‘Risk taker’ doesn’t even seem apt enough to describe these ladies. You see someone with this kind of hair and you can bet your mouth will be open for like 30 seconds.


Image source: Pinterest



Image source: Pinterest


Which one of the colors are you likely to try?


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