Becoming Body Beautiful

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You’re born into the body you have, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re going to fall in love with it from the start. As soon as you become more aware of your body, particularly in adolescence, the negativity can sink in. We as women, seem to be programmed to be quite tough on ourselves when it comes to our shape, size, and figure. We’re forever comparing ourselves to others, especially famous people, but to what end? It often only has a negative impact. Or, should we say, had. Because now, it’s time for a change and to allow yourself to feel body beautiful.


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Seeing Who You Really Are


To start with, you have to see yourself for who you really are. It’s easy to be tough when you look in the mirror and sling out negative thoughts, but you’re only hurting yourself when you do this. So you should aim to work on acceptance. Beauty has no age limit, or size limit, or no real rules. You are beautiful, just for being you. It’s important to be able to accept the body you were born into, regardless of its shape. Yes, you may feel as if you have flaws, but you also have so much to shout about.


Loving The Skin You’re In


And it’s this idea of acceptance that is really going to push you to become body beautiful. Because starting to see your body for what it is only makes up for half the batter, you then have to start to love the skin you’re in. And this can be easier said than done. To do this, you should start to look at your shape more, and work on accepting everything about your figure, including the areas that you don’t like if you can.


Committing To Change


But a huge part of becoming body beautiful is working to be your best self. If you know that you’ve been hard on your body, feeding it with rubbish and treating it badly, it’s time that you commit to change. Working on your figure and making it the best it can be is crucial here. Whether that means eating well or looking into breast implants if you’re really unhappy, as that’s something you can’t change yourself. But the things you can change, do. It takes action to make a difference.


Being Body Positive


From here, you have to work on your mindset too. Because changing your shape can only work if you’re able to get your mind into the right position too. It’s easy to see yourself differently, or be extra-critical. It’s so much harder to be positive and be happy with who you are. But it’s not impossible. So wake each morning with the thought that you’re going to be kinder to yourself. It will make a difference.


Feeling Confident


Above all else, each of these steps of seeing your shape and accepting it, making changes and being positive, you need to work on your confidence. Because believe it or not, when you can boost your body confidence, you will feel body beautiful – even if you’re not changing anything else about your body. And that really is the beauty of being able to be happy with the body you have.



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