Bulgari’s Customizable Serpenti Watches Are Now in Boutiques!

Introducing Bvlgari’s customizable Serpenti watch, the definition of true luxury. If you really want to stand out, this watch will certainly achieve that, and it is finally available in boutiques around the world.

If you are a watch lover, or simply a lover of beautiful things, you are going to love the new customizable Serpenti watches from luxury label, Bvlgari. We know we do!

Bvlgari has been creating their serpent inspired jewelry for several decades (right from the 1940s) and they have become a symbol of luxury and sheer beauty.

customizable serpenti watches

While most people I know (myself included) are not really fans of snakes, I must admit that there is something captivating about the Serpenti jewelry. Found in rings, bracelets and other Bvlgari jewelry, the watches are by far the most popular.

The early ones were great and really classy, but the customizable Serprenti watch is totally luxe! I really don’t like snakes (okay, I hate them), but I would definitely wear one of these.

There’s something really cool about being able to match your watch with your other accessories on the go. Best of all, you can make use of their online configuration to get just the right fit for you.

customizable serpenti watches

There are several wonderful options available. According to luxury magazine, Robb Report, “The 27 mm case is available in steel or rose gold, either with or without a diamond-set bezel. From there, an anticipated six dial options—including lacquer, enamel, sunburst, and mother-of-pearl—and a broad array of colored calf leather and Karung snakeskin straps can be mixed and matched to your heart’s content.”

So how much does the customizable Serpenti watch cost? Oh not much, it begins at just $3,580. That’s 1,232,000 Naira (I.232 Million Naira).

If you can afford it, it is well worth the splurge. If you can’t though, it’s definitely something to add to your wish list. Talk about motivation to work harder! 🙂




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