Can Black Women Wear Any Beauty Trend?

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The Dark Girl Project shows that black women can rock any beauty trend.

There’s this general belief that darker skinned women cannot wear certain trends and colours and for years (decades even), we have all believed that.

When it comes to lip colours, we often think that there are certain colours that do not go with darker skinned women and this has affected the way we shop for makeup and beauty products.

But guess what? You can rock any lipstick colour out there! And the Dark Girl Project proves it. Of course, not everyone can wear every shade as you have to match your skin tones, but when it comes to colours, you can rock them with confidence.

The Dark Girl Project is the brain child of former beauty and style editor, Melanie Yvette and she shows us stunning and gorgeous pictures of herself wearing different colours of lipstick. According to her,

“For me, it’s all about being a little daring and have a little fun. That’s all! It’s not rocket science, it’s beauty. It’s girlhood and womanhood and it’s here for us to enjoy.”

And this ties in so much with what NH is about. As women we need to enjoy our womanhood and live our lives to the fullest. If you have wanted to try a specific beauty trend but have been reluctant because you felt it wouldn’t go well with your colour…here’s your chance to be a little daring.

Here are the 4 that stood out for us at Naija Housewives:


This is just stunning and it is something we all agreed we would love love love to try!

Black is not something we would ordinarily try, but it really looks fabulous on her.

This stunning purple lipstick is something we can’t wait to try.

A nude coloured lipstick

What do you think?

Source: ‘Dark Girl’ Project Proves Black Women Can Rock ANY Beauty Trend



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