Celebrating An Outstanding Woman

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Doctor Adadevoh


The saying that the woman is the guardian of society has never had such a deep and profound meaning as it has in the life of Dr. Stella Adadevoh. She was the doctor who attended to the late Patrick Sawyer, the man who is credited with the dubious honor of importing the Ebola Virus into Nigeria.

When the patient was brought in, at the First Consultant Medical Center in Lagos, he was tested for several things, but not for Ebola. He was put on malaria medication, after testing positive to malaria, but it was not until his condition began to rapidly deteriorate that ebola was suspected.

When asked if he had recently been in contact with an ebola patient, or with someone who had died from ebola, Mr. Sawyer denied it. But Dr. Adadevoh was not convinced. A test finally confirmed that he had the Ebola virus.

She was put under pressure to release the patient as he had to be at an ECOWAS meeting, but the Doctor adamantly refused to let him go, knowing very well how rapidly the virus would have spread if he’d had contact with other people.

She saved our nation from a breakout of the epidemic, but the Doctor was not as fortunate. She lost her life to the Ebola Virus after it was passed on to her by the late Sawyer.

Our hearts grieve with the family of this woman who stood in the way of disaster and shielded the nation at such great personal cost. Such patriotism is what we dream of when we think of Nigerians. May her spirit live on in the hearts of all Nigerians.

We join with several voices and call for the honouring of this great woman. She is truly a Nigerian Hero.


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