Cha Ike and Husband Crowned “Worst Parents of the Year” by Emmy Collins


There has been a recent buzz on the Internet about a photo shoot carried out by Nollywood actress Chacha Ike on her daughter, for her “first” birthday. This is suppose to be a nice gesture, but the buzz is not about the shoot, rather, its about the way the one year old was abused  dressed in the ” supposed” shoot. Below her some pictures from the shoot.

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Am guessing, most of you are as shocked as me when I first saw these pics, why in God’s name is a one year old wearing so much make up and a wig? I personally think this is wrong (I stand corrected) .

Fashion designer Emmy Collins, who is known to be very real and outspoken calls it ” child abuse” and named them the worst parents of the year. Well, Emmy isn’t far from the truth. Take a good look at the child, she looks 5 times older, this is wrong in every sense of the word.

Parents especially mothers, please try to let your kids enjoy their innocence. The appearance and attitude of a child, speaks a lot about his or her parents. Lets be wise. Enough said.


Photos courtesy Emmy Collins blog



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