Christmas Message from Naija Housewives

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Hello everyone! Merry Christmas.

I want to take a moment to share what this season means to me. This Christmas Message comes from my heart. The Christmas season is primarily a season of overwhelming Love and to me, it translates as a period when families should come together and express their love for each other any way they can. The Naija Housewives’ community has been like family to me, and I would like to express my love…to let you know how much your showing up here and on the Facebook page means to me.

This season is also one of joy and thankfulness and I can’t tell you how joyful and thankful I am. The economic climate is a bit harsh at the moment (that is an understatement). People are finding it really difficult to afford regular meals. So it means a lot to me that I’m able to put up a good Christmas meal for my family. I am thankful for mothers and mothers in-law who look out for their children. I am also thankful for each one of you who have added so richly to my life in 2015. You have shared your lives with me, given me your support when I was ill and offered you love and advice to so many other women…you all are wonderful. May God bless you and your families richly.

Beyond everything though, Christmas means peace to me. And there is no peace without tolerance. I have not seen any other symbol of tolerance than what we have here, on Naija Housewives. We have seen women from different ethnic groups, different religious beliefs and different backgrounds come together and relate like sisters, and it has just been so wonderful. Each time I see an Aisha or an Ekaete, or a Chizoba or Sokariba, when I see an Msoo or a Mobola, I can’t thank God enough for what we have.

Christmas message -

I wish in 2016, that we take what we have in this community – our diversity and peace, and our low tolerance for political correctness – and teach it to our children and maybe spread it in our neighborhoods. What we have seen on NH is that we are not as different as we think we are, and where we are different, it is a wonderful opportunity to add more to our repertoire of recipes and drinks. 🙂 It is not enough to let anyone exploit our differences.

This year has seen a lot of strife and violence in the world at large. But I want you to think of this…a few months ago, Syrian women came out and formed a road block between the government and rebel forces until their demands were met. They did this in the height of war…imagine what you can do now. The unity of our country is in our hands, women and what we do with it is up to us.

Thank you so much for reading my Christmas Message. I wish you all an abundance of peace and may God keep each and every one of us into the New Year and for as many years to come.

Merry Christmas sisters!

Much love,

Sharon 🙂


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