How To: Clean Your Makeup Brush

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Makeup brushes are probably your most important makeup tools. As off as that sounds, it’s true. What is makeup brush without makeup you may ask? Well what is makeup wrongly applied? With the right tools, little makeup can look picture perfect and billboard-worthy. With the right makeup and wrong tools, let’s you are going to raise a lot of eyebrows

Why you should clean your brushes

If you do not wash your brushes regularly, they just keep on packing more makeup. At some point, you start to notice your makeup isn’t as smooth as it used to be or as flawless. Well it’s because there’s so much makeup on your brush, it’s messing with your balance.

If you have watched a lot of makeup tutorials, you will notice that sometimes you are asked to apply makeup with a clean brush. For example, you are supposed to blend eyeshadow with a brush that has no eyeshadow on it. If you keep on using an unclean blending brush, eventually you won’t be blending, you’d just be applying more eyeshadow.

Also using unclean brushes (especially powder and foundation) could make your face itch and break out (pimples, acne etc.)

How to clan your brush

  • Pour warm water in a small bowl
  • Put mild soap in the water (like kids shampoo or body wash)
  • Dip your brushes in the water – without letting the iron touch water. Constant exposure to water will weaken the gum holding your brush together.


  • Rub each brush against your palm to produce lather.
  • Repeat steps until washing water is clear
  • Rinse the brushes and leave them out to dry

Wash your brushes monthly.

Storing your makeup brush.

Some makeup brushes are sold with holders. If yours didn’t come with one, you can get at a makeup store (online or walk-in) or you can DIY






makeup brush pint


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