Closet Fillers You Need Before Turning 21

When you’re little more than a young whippersnapper enjoying the rollercoaster of trends that soundtrack high school life, you get used to fashion not hanging around for long. But as you grow older, you start to realise there are certain pieces that you need to invest in; certain basics that will make the challenge of getting ready each day a gazillion times easier.


That is why we have pulled together a list of closet staples that you need to start collecting along your journey through life. To put it poetically, these are building blocks of every stylish girl’s closet. Period.


closet staples - denim


A Denim Jacket

A pair of jeans that fit perfectly is about as important as it gets on the fashion front because it is important to look fantastic even when you are enduring the laziest day possible. Well, having a denim jacket embraces the same principles. It is something that goes with everything and makes everything instantly cooler. Everything.


A Black Blazer

So long as it fits you like a glove, then you will find you feel a million dollars every time you slip a black blazer on. But it isn’t just this sense of feeling great that you get, you also get a timeless piece that will never go out of fashion and thus never cease to make you smile. It is that staple piece that lifts outfits and makes you look more sophisticated. It can add to a jeans and t-shirt day or be worn to a job interview. It’s epic.


The Quick Change

There will be days where you don’t have time to head home and get changed between functions, which is where you can take inspiration from these dresses for teens. Having a reversible dress means you can go from a boardroom meeting with your company’s biggest clients and the straight to meeting that boy you crush on at the opening of an art gallery. And all you need to do is enjoy a five-minute pitstop in the bathroom of some restaurant near your work. The trick then just becomes how you accessorize.


closet staples - bra


A Perfect Bra

Having a bra that fits you perfectly can make all the difference to an outfit. That’s because having a bra that fits perfectly can have a major impact on how other clothes fit you too. By fit perfectly, we mean a bra that is as comfortable as a lazy Sunday morning in bed, one that doesn’t bunch or scrunch and one where the straps stay in place. When you find a bra that ticks all these boxes, make sure you get one in every colour. Trust us on that.


Some Black Pumps

Now, these may not see your pulse shoot through the roof but they will give you something to wear on every occasion. Black pumps get worn a lot. Like a lot. You can wear them with a pencil skirt to your first day at a new job, with jeans and a tee to a friends birthday party, on a second date with a boy that you really quite like, and anything else you can imagine. These are the definition of chic workhorses.


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