Coconut Oil: A Welcome Addition to Your Beauty Regime

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As with all things in life, if there is something that is fabricated in a factory, there is a good chance there is a natural equivalent to it. One such ingredient is the much-lauded and well-marketed coconut oil. According to old Sanskrit texts of Ayurveda, the coconut tree is known as Kalpavriksha. This is loosely translated as the tree that provides everything necessary for life.

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Why Coconut Oil Is An Acceptable Addition To Your Makeup Bag

Perhaps one of the most surprising characteristics of coconut oil is its ability to act as a cleanser. This is because it removes excess particles as opposed to forming a layer of oil on the skin. By using coconut oil, the benefits stretch beyond just adding moisture to the skin. The coconut oil also provides a non-abrasive means to cleanse the skin, which causes far less irritation and inflammation. It also removes excess oil from the surface that could cause blocked pores.

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Coconut oil is packed with goodness for topical applications and seems to work well for all skin types. It is antimicrobial which ensures that bacteria and other harmful spores or substances on the skin are stopped in their tracks. This is especially beneficial for those who struggle with skin conditions that are caused by fungi and bacterial growths. It also provides the skin with a healthy dose of Vitamin E and Fatty Acids.



Coconut Oil that is Suitable for Topical Applications

With a large variety of coconut oil on the market, there are a few that get the job done far better. Consumers are encouraged to look for a product that only lists coconut oil as the main ingredient. This means the coconut oil has no contaminants and that it is pure. It is also important to take note of the labelling, as some oils are coconut-like or coconut flavoured oils, which may not work as effectively as an organic, virgin coconut oil would. In fact, some other products may even harm the skin or exacerbate problematic conditions.

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How To Clean Using Coconut Oil

As with spreading a lotion on delicate facial skin, it’s important to use coconut oil sparingly and gently. When there is a lot of product on the face, it’s best to remove the product with a dab of coconut oil on cotton wool. It’s important to do this gently to avoid harming the skin.

Once the excessive product is removed, use the ring fingers to gently massage the skin. The ring fingers are a suitable choice as they are not strong enough to do harm to the skin. Once this is done, cover the face with a warm towelette or facecloth, taking care to wring excess water from it. Let the facecloth remain on the face for about 30 seconds to open the pores. Then, with gentle strokes remove the oil from the face. If there is still a lot of oil on the surface, it may be necessary to rinse the cloth and remove again, until all excess oil is removed.

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Often consumers focus on keeping their faces clean, yet forget to treat their makeup brushes. The good news is that coconut oil can be used to clean makeup brushes as well, as it removes all excess product. Simply heat the oil for a few seconds in the microwave or with a mini bain-marie setup. Gently swirl the brushes around to get the product off. Once done, use some lemon juice or baby shampoo to remove the excess oil. Allow to air dry on a paper towel.


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