Is Coffee Healthy For You?

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Coffee was invented during the 15th century. It was used by Islamic religious people to keep them alert during night-time rituals. Today, drinking coffee has become a trend for the millennial generation. Different variations of coffee have sprouted and are served all over the world. Because of its popularity, people tend to overlook the health effects of coffee beans. If you are a coffee drinker, you should be aware of the advantages and disadvantages of the beverage. It is also better if you familiarize yourself with some varieties of coffee.


coffee beans: pros and cons of espresso
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Espresso is a result of ground coffee beans mixed with boiling water. It contains a high concentration of dissolved solids. It also comes with creamy foam on top. The fresh flavor of the coffee beans releases antioxidants that can improve the body’s system.



  • Prevents illnesses – It lowers the possibility of getting colon cancer, strokes, dementia, and Parkinson’s disease.
  • Improves cardiovascular system – It refines and increases the flow of blood inside the body.
  • Refines DNA – The huge amount of antioxidants prevents the breakage of DNA strands and improves the qualities of DNA.



  • Increased sugar intake – If too much sweetener is used in the espresso, it might negate the beneficial effects and become a possible cause of diabetes.
  • Excessive urinary excretion – Aside from the trips to the toilet, drinking too much can lead to excretion of significant minerals like potassium, magnesium, and calcium.


black coffee beans
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Black Coffee

Black coffee is a serving of coffee without milk or cream to sweeten the flavor. It is usually a combination of coffee powder and water. This method increases the caffeine level that enhances some attributes inside the body.



  • Stimulates nervous system – Strong caffeine levels can help a person keep a cool head. It also refreshes your brain and improves your work efficiency.
  • Prevents cavity – Black coffee has some properties that kill bacteria that cause tooth problems.
  • Fight depression – This coffee contributes to the production of dopamine. It brings about feelings of happiness and lighter mood.



  • Sleepless nights – Black coffee will keep you alert especially if you drink it at night. It will also decrease sleeping hours and lower the quality of sleep. You can develop insomnia and disrupted sleeping pattern.
  • Elevated heart rate – Black coffee drinkers are exposing themselves to hypertension and increased blood pressure. It can initiate feelings of shaking and jittering. There are cases wherein people are rushed to the hospitals because of strong heart palpitations.


iced coffee beans
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Iced Coffee

The term “iced coffee” encompasses any type of coffee that is served with ice. Iced coffees are the trending beverages among teenagers because they taste less bitter than hot coffees.



  • Digestive-friendly beverage – You can avoid acidity because coffee beans release less acidic oils when it’s not heated. Cold coffee also contains more alkaline than hot ones. You can have a better functioning digestive tract when it is in an alkaline state.
  • Avoid mouth cancer – Cold coffees contain antioxidants that can prevent the formation of malignant growths in the mouth. It is also a good way to avoid getting burnt tongues.
  • Refreshes the mind – Iced coffees help you to feel relaxed and refreshed. It triggers the release of happy hormones that can activate your muscle activity, thus allowing you to work effectively.



  • Causes obesity and diabetes – The sugar content of iced coffee is amplified by add-ons like condensed milk or ice cream since it relies on sweeteners to hide the bitter taste of coffee beans. Daily intake of iced coffee can increase your weight and can lead to other serious diseases.
  • Possible cause of addiction – The pleasurable effects of iced coffee can lead to addiction. It can increase the tolerance level of caffeine, rendering one coffee-dependent. If caffeine addicts miss a cup of coffee, it might trigger withdrawal sicknesses such as headache, irritability, and uneasiness.


coffee beans: decaffeinated coffee
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Decaffeinated Coffee

Decaf is coffee from beans that has had its caffeine removed. Coffee beans are drenched in solvent until the caffeine is depleted and then the coffee beans are roasted. This method changes the strong taste of coffees.



  • Alternative coffee – Caffeine often causes headache and jitters. Decaf offers almost the same taste and feeling but without the presence of caffeine. It is a good alternative for those coffee lovers that want to avoid nervousness and insomnia caused by coffee.
  • Keeps the liver healthy – It prevents diseases like cirrhosis because this coffee prevents the buildup of scar tissues in the liver.
  • Healthy digestion – Decaf coffee helps the processing of the digestive system. It cleans the digestive tract and fights carcinogenic foods.


Coffee beans pros and cons corallifestyle
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  • Loses the beneficial health effects of coffee – Aside from caffeine, antioxidants are also eliminated in the process of decaffeination. You will lose the compounds that help your body’s system. The process also develops acid in the coffee, which can cause heartburn.
  • Production of bad cholesterol – Decaf can increase the production of LDL cholesterol that can cause heart-related problems.



Drinking coffee should be regulated. It is the only way to accumulate the positive health effects of coffee. The majority will suffer if they become too dependent on coffee.  

It is always good to remember that too much of anything is bad. You should also know that different kinds of coffee come with unique advantages and disadvantages. Once you grasp the concept of health effects of coffee, it is now up to you to control your intake. Choose the type of coffee that suits your taste and lifestyle.




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