Easy Tips to Remember When Adding a Colourful Rug to Your Home

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You can’t help the rug you fall in love with. Maybe you intended to get a piece that would just mingle with the rest of your room, but find yourself coveting a rug that is naturally made to be the centre of attention. Maybe it’s the bright colour. Maybe it’s the bold pattern. Maybe it’s both.


Don’t panic. You don’t have to completely redecorate to incorporate your resplendent new love. It can find a home in your space easily with these simple tips.


colourful rug home tips


1) Neutral Furniture


Not all of your furniture needs to be neutral, but if you just bought a super busy or colourful rug, then the central piece of furniture should be neutral. You aren’t confined to beige. Taupe, eggshell, charcoal or even new neutrals like metallics can work.  In a dining room, this piece of furniture would be the table. In the living room or family room, the couch. This substantial neutral object will make the space easy on the eyes by giving it a break from the colourful rug.

interior decor accessories and colourful rugs


2) Bring it Together with Accessories


A few well-chosen and well-placed accessories, like vases, decorative boxes, lamps or wall decor can do wonders to make your rug feel right at home. These will cause the rug to seem less like an exception to the rules of the room, and more like an integral part of your space. So, if your rug consists of bright reds (or is bright red), a wall hanging featuring bright red or a bright red storm lantern will help bring the room together.

hues for your colourful rug


3) Same Hue, Different Shade


Here’s a brilliant way to bring out the best in your space, as well as in your rug. Use the same hue (for example, blue), but in mildly different shades (Robin’s Egg, Alice Blue) as well as a solid neutral and white to tie the room together. For this sort of monochrome magic to work, however, you should stick to softer colours, like greens and blues. Reds, oranges and pinks can be overwhelming, even in different shades.

colourful rug home makeover



4) Paint the Walls Rich


When you have a saturated colour of the rug, blood red or emerald green, you may think that a white or off-white wall will help balance it out. No so. All this will do is make your room look off-kilter, and while the rug will stand out, it won’t be for the right reasons. In fact, it will probably look downright wrong.


To create a complementary look, paint the walls with a vibrant colour, like a woodland brown, or a puce or rose quartz.

colourful rug



5) Honour Thy Home


While these tips can certainly help amalgamate a colourful rug into your home, you’ve also got to be honest with yourself when you buy: will this rug work with my home, as a whole? Even homes with rooms in distinct styles have a general cohesive feel, and if your intended rug – however captivating – is going to ruin that vibe, then it’s probably better to find something else. There’s bound to be an equally bold and beautiful rug more suited to your space.


You have the intel. Now, find your dream floor furnishing with confidence!



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