Comfort & Style: You Can Have Both

It’s more than possible for you to both look incredible and feel comfortable. Too often, women buy into the idea that they need to make their bodies feel uncomfortable and unnatural in order to look the way they think they should look. It doesn’t have to be that way, though. And it’s about time you starting thinking about how to change that mindset.


Below, you’ll find out about some of the very best ways to have it all. You don’t need to make that choice between the two any longer, so read on now.


Stop Listening to Other People


First of all, you need to stop making the mistake of listening to what other people are telling you that you should do regarding fashion. Sure, all the big fashion outlets and many of the fashion writers and bloggers will recommend expensive and uncomfortable items. But that doesn’t mean you have to follow along like a sheep. Embrace your own style and find ways to look great without also being uncomfortable; it’s more than possible if you make an effort. Following trends and listening to others won’t necessarily yield the best results for you.


comfort knitwear


Rock Those Knits


Right now, knits are very much in fashion, and that’s only going to be amplified as we move into the depths of winter. So, you should embrace this trend and use it to your own advantage. There are many companies that sell stylish knits, so you don’t need to look like a grandma (although grandma chic is still a thing.) Ruby Rd is one example of a brand that sells good knitted fashion items, and there is Ruby Rd clothing for everyone. Explore this option and more; see what you can find that offers comfort and style.


Make Adjustments


There is no reason to believe that the clothing items you have need to stay the way they are right now. In fact, there is a growing contingent of people who are modifying and adapting their clothes so that they meet their specific needs. Let’s face it; we all have different bodies and body shapes. So therefore, it only makes sense to tweak your clothes in ways that make them better and better-fitting for you. It will instantly make a clothing item more comfortable for you if you get this right.




Comb through Your Wardrobe and With Everything You Find Uncomfortable


It’s a good time to go through your wardrobe and get rid of any of the items that you don’t really want or need. Among those items should be any of your clothing items that you find in any way uncomfortable. Why persist with clothes that are simply no good for you and make you feel like ripping them off as soon as you get back through the door. By combing through your wardrobe and ditching anything that’s not comfortable, you’ll be on the path to success with this whole project. Be ruthless about it!


Embrace the Easy On & Off Approach


This is one of the best tips you’ll learn about this year. The easy on and easy off approach does exactly what is says on the tin. It’s the perfect way of measuring how suitable a fashion item is for you. If it’s really difficult to put on and get off, the chances are it’s also going to be pretty uncomfortable when you’re wearing it. So, you should only wear clothes that you can put on and take off really easily. It might seem overly simplistic, but it’s a rule lots of women now happily live by, so maybe you should try it too.


flat shoes for comfort


Learn to Love the Heel Alternatives


Wearing heels can be a real pain. We all know that, but we don’t often admit it or say it out loud. If you are so deep in the habit of wearing heels every time you want to look good and impress with your style, it’s time to think about some of the alternatives. Many people are now arguing that women should ditch their heels completely and embrace the stylish flats that can now be found on the market. Your feet are precious, so why punish them? Comfortable and stylish shoes may have been hard to find not that long ago, but it’s no longer the case.


You don’t need to listen to anyone who tries to tell you feeling uncomfortable is the price you have to pay for looking good. Quite simply, it’s not true. So, embrace the ideas you’ve learned above for the best outcomes for your comfort and style.


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