Complete Guide to Buying Women’s Workout Shorts

Ah, shorts. Whether they’re for street wear or gym wear, buying shorts can be a woman’s worst nightmare. They’re too long, too short, too tight or loose in all the wrong places. They ride up or ride down. Why do we bother, right?


Well, we bother because when we slip on a pair that looks good, it looks really good. Good enough to re-inspire us to give this whole shorts business another try. So give it another try.


Workout shorts can be some of the most difficult shorts to buy. Material, fit. purpose and style all matter equally, but you may often feel like you have to compromise at least one to get close to the fit you desire. No more!


This comprehensive guide to buying women’s workout shorts will having you looking great when you’re working hard.

Women's workout shorts




There are several kinds of main materials used to make workout shorts. Your primary options are usually synthetics (like nylon and polyester; slick and aerodynamic ), moisture wicking materials (light-weight and used for sweat intensive activities), and cotton (extremely breathable, but absorbs sweat, so is better for more subdued activities). You can also find blends of these materials, which are designed to bring the best of several worlds to a single article of clothing.

Women's workout shorts




The purpose and fit of workout shorts are filed under the same consideration. After all, how something is designed (i.e. the fit) is reflected in what it is designed for (i.e. the purpose.) Here are the main purposes of workout shorts.


Yoga Shorts


Yoga shorts are designed to allow for free flow movement, but also to stay in place so they don’t ride up or slide down in various poses. Because most yoga is not a super sweaty affair (with the exception of hot yoga or Bikram), the majority of yoga shorts won’t be designed with moisture wicking materials.


Running Shorts


Running shorts run an impressive gamut, from looser super short-shorts that allow for optimal airflow and movement, to tight shorts of various lengths that can work to keep runners a little warmer on cooler days. Looser shorts will often have a mesh lining that serve in place of underwear. Some shorts may also have reflective embellishments as a safety measure for running at night.


Bike Shorts


Made from tight and stretchy material that’s designed to stay in place, bike shorts can range in length, but are generally never as short as some of the yoga short or running short options. This is because bike shorts will often have lining on the inner thighs to prevent chafing against the bike seat, so they need to cover more of the inner thigh. There will also be padding in the butt to add cushion for longer rides.

Women's workout shorts




This is largely a matter of personal taste, but thankfully for wide ranges of personal taste, there is a wide range of styles. From plain black shorts to super funky shorts with bright, bold patterns and, women’s workout shorts come in many different styles. You’re bound to find the right material, fit and style for you.


Happy shopping!


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